Specifications; Assembly Procedures - Hitachi CG 23EC (SL) Handling Instructions Manual

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○ You have to secure the machine during transport to
prevent loss of fuel, damage or injury.
○ If a warning label cannot be read, peels off or becomes
indistinct, replace it with a new one. To purchase new
labels, contact Hitachi Authorized Service Centers.
If situations occur which are not covered in this manual, take
care and use common sense. Contact Hitachi Authorized
Service Centers if you need assistance.


The SPECIFICATIONS of this machine are listed in the table
on page 74.
All data subject to change without notice.


Installation of handle
Loop handle type (Fig. 4)
Attach the handle to the drive shaft tube.
Adjust the location to the most comfortable position before
Make sure to securely attach the handle with the 4 bolts.
If your unit has handle location label (8) on drive shaft
tube, follow the illustration.
Installation of harness
(If so equipped)
If the product includes a harness, always make sure to
use it.
Attach the harness hook (9) to the hanger (10) on the drive
shaft tube. (Fig. 5)
Adjust the length of the harness for easy operation of the
You may need to adjust the position of the hangar (10)
to balance the unit. To do so, loosen bolt (11) and adjust
the position of hangar (10). After adjusting as necessary,
make sure to securely tighten the bolt (11). (Fig. 5)
Installation of cutting attachment guard
If an incorrect or faulty guard is fi tted, this may cause
serious personal injury.
Some cutting attachment guards are equipped with
sharp line limiters. Be careful with handling it.
○ When using a trimmer head with two piece type cutting
attachment guard, attach the guard extension to the
cutting attachment guard, then tighten the bolt (12).
(Fig. 6)
○ The guard bracket may come already mounted to the
gear case on some models.
Align the cutting attachment guard with the guard bracket (13)
and secure it to the drive shaft tube, using the bolt. (Fig. 7)
Remove the guard extension when using metal or plastic
blades. Failure to do so may result in injury or damage to
the cutting attachment guard.
To remove the guard extension, refer to the drawings.
Wear gloves as the extension has a sharp line limiter.
Loosen the bolt (12). Then push the three square tabs on
the guard one by one in order. (Fig. 8)
(CG23EC (SLB))
Insert the cutter case between the guard bracket and cutting
attachment guard, and secure it with the bolt. (Fig. 9)
Installation of cutting attachment
○ Install the cutting attachment properly and securely as
instructed in the handling instructions.
If not attached properly or securely, it may come off and
cause serious and/or fatal injury.
○ Do not install or remove cutting attachments while the
engine is running.
○ Always use genuine Hitachi cutting attachments and
metal fi ttings.
Installation of semi-auto cutting head
1. Function
Automatically feeds more nylon cutting line when it is
tapped at low rpm (not greater than 6000 /min).
Specifi cations
Type of
6600570 Female screw
6601272 Female screw Clockwise
Applicable nylon cord
Cord diameter: Φ2.4 mm Length: 5 m
2. Precautions
○ The case must be securely attached to the cover.
○ Check the cover (14), case (15) and other components
for cracks or other damage. (Fig. 10)
○ Check the case and button for wear.
If there is a hole in the bottom (16) of the button, change
the new parts immediately. (Fig. 10)
○ The cutting head must be securely mounted to the unit's
gear case/cutter case.
○ If the cutting head does not feed cutting line properly,
check that the nylon line and all components are properly
installed. Contact Hitachi Authorized Service Centers if
you need assistance.
For Hitachi heads, use only fl exible, non-metallic line
recommended by the manufacturer. Never use wire or
wire ropes. They can break off and become a dangerous
3. Installation
(CG23EC (SL)) (Fig. 11)
Insert the Hex bar wrench (17) into the hole of the gear
case and groove of the Cutter holder (A) (18) in order to
lock the shaft.
Install cutting head on gear case of brush cutters. The
mounting nut is left-hand-threaded. Turn clockwise to
loosen/counter-clockwise to tighten.
Since the cutter holder cap is not used here, keep it for
when a metal blade is used, if so equipped.
(CG23EC (SLB)) (Fig. 12)
Insert the Hex bar wrench (17) into the hole of the cutter
case in order to lock the drive shaft tube.
Size of
Direction of

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