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Install cutting head on cutter case of grass trimmers.
The mounting nut is right-hand-threaded. Turn counter-
clockwise to loosen/clockwise to tighten.
4. Adjusting line length
Set the engine speed as low as possible and tap the
head on the ground. The nylon line will be drawn out
about 3 cm with each tap. (Fig. 13)
Also, you can extend the nylon line by hand but the
engine must be completely stopped. (Fig. 14)
Adjust the nylon line to the proper length of 11–14 cm
before each operation.
Installation of cutting blade (Fig. 15)
(If so equipped)
Insert the Hex bar wrench (17) into the hole of the gear case
and groove of the Cutter holder (A) (18) in order to lock the
Assemble in the following order: Cutter holder (A) (18),
blade (19), cutter holder (B) (20), nut cover (21).
Tighten the fi xing nut with the combi box spanner with a
tightening torque of 14
2 N.m. Please note that the cutter
fi xing nut (22) has left-handed threads (clockwise to loosen/
counter-clockwise to tighten).
○ When installing cutter holder (B) (20), be sure to set
concave side upward.
○ When installing or removing a blade, make sure to wear
gloves and place the blade cover over the blade.
Check a nut cover (21) for wear or cracks before
operation. If any damage or wear is found, replace it, as
it is an article of consumption.
○ When installing a cutting blade, make sure that there are
no cracks or any damage in it and that the cutting edges
are facing the correct direction.
○ Remove any surface grit from blade installation fi ttings
(cutter holder (A) (18), cutter holder (B) (20), nut
cover (21), nut (22)). Failure to do so may result in the
loosening of nuts.
○ The protrusion of the cutter holder (A) (18) may become
misaligned with the blade (19) while tightening nut
(22). Before operation, make sure the blade has been
properly installed. (Fig. 16)
○ Rotate the blade by hand and make sure there is no
rocking or abnormal noise. Rocking may cause abnormal
vibrations or result in the loosening of nuts.


Fuel (Fig. 17)
○ The trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke engine.
Always run the engine on fuel, which is mixed with oil.
Provide good ventilation, when fueling or handling fuel.
○ Fuel is highly fl ammable and it is possible to get seriously
injured when inhaling or spilling on your body.
Always pay attention when handling fuel. Always have
good ventilation when handling fuel inside building.
○ Always use branded 89 octane unleaded gasoline.
○ Use genuine two-cycle oil or use a mix between 25:1 to
50:1, please consult about the mixture ratio to Hitachi
Authorized Service Centers.
○ If genuine oil is not available, use an anti-oxidant added
quality oil expressly labeled for air-cooled 2-cycle engine
use BIA or TCW (2-stroke water-cooling type) mixed oil.
○ Never use multi-grade oil (10 W/30) or waste oil.
○ Never mix fuel and oil in machine's fuel tank. Always mix
fuel and oil in a separate clean container.
Always start by fi lling half the amount of gasoline, which is
to be used.
Then add the whole amount of oil. Mix (shake) the fuel
mixture. Add the remaining amount of gasoline.
Mix (shake) the fuel-mix thoroughly before fi lling the fuel
Mixing amount of two-cycle oil and gasoline
Gasoline (Liter)
○ Always shut off the engine and let it cool for a few
minutes before refueling.
Do not smoke or bring fl ames or sparks near the fueling
○ Slowly open the fuel tank, when fi lling up with fuel, so
that possible over-pressure disappears.
○ Tighten the fuel tank cap carefully, after fueling.
○ Always move the unit at least 3 m from the fueling area
before starting.
○ Always wash any spilled fuel from clothing immediately
with soap.
○ Be sure to check any fuel leakage after refueling.
○ Before fueling, in order to remove static electricity from
the main body, the fuel container and the operator,
please touch the ground that is slightly damp.
Before fueling, clean the tank cap area carefully, to ensure
that no dirt falls into the tank. Make sure that the fuel is well
mixed by shaking the container, before fueling.
○ Before starting the tool, ensure that the cutting
attachment is not touching any objects or the ground.
Otherwise, the cutting attachment may unexpectedly
rotate and cause an injury.
○ Ensure that the cutting attachment does not rotate while
the engine is idling. If it does rotate, adjust the idle speed
according to the instructions in "Idle speed adjustment" in
the "MAINTENANCE" section. If the cutting attachment
still rotates after this adjustment, immediately stop the
engine and cease use, then bring the tool to the nearest
Hitachi Authorized Service Center.
(1) Starting the cold engine
1. Set ignition switch (23) to ON position. (Fig. 18)
2. Push priming pump (24) several times so that fuel fl ows
through return pipe (25). (Fig. 19)
3. Set choke lever (26) to START position (closed) (A).
(Fig. 20)
4. Pull recoil starter briskly, taking care to keep the handle
in your grasp and not allowing it to snap back. (Fig. 21)
5. When you hear the engine want to start, return choke
lever to RUN position (open) (B). (Fig. 20)
6. Pull recoil starter briskly again. (Fig. 21)
If engine does not start, repeat procedures from 2 to 5.
7. Then allow the engine about 2–3 minutes to warm up
before subjecting it to any load.
8. Check that the cutting attachment does not rotate when
the engine is idling.
Two-cycle oil (ml)
Ratio 50:1
Ratio 25:1

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