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Glossary - GE Druck ADTS 505 User Manual

Data test set.
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The terminology used in this manual is specific and individual interpretation must not be
introduced. The terms are defined as follows:
To bring to a more satisfactory state; to manipulate controls, levers, linkages, etc. to return equipment
from an out-of-tolerance condition to an in-tolerance condition.
To bring into line; to line up; to bring into precise adjustment, correct relative position or coincidence.
Assemble:To fit and secure together the several parts of; to make or form by combining parts.
Calibrate: To determine accuracy, deviation or variation by special measurement or by comparison with a
Make a comparison of a measure of time, pressure, temperature, resistance, dimension or other
quality with a known figure for that measurement.
Disconnect:To detach the connection between; to separate keyed or matched equipment parts.
Dismantle:To take apart to the level of the next smaller unit or down to all removable parts.
Examine: To perform a critical visual observation or check for specific conditions; to test the condition of.
Correctly attach one item to another.
Inspect: Review the work carried out by Specialists to ensure it has been performed satisfactorily.
To perform operations necessary to properly fit an equipment unit into the next larger assembly or
Maintain: To hold or keep in any particular state or condition especially in a state of efficiency or validity.
Operate: Make sure that an item or system functions correctly as far as possible without the use of test
equipment or reference to measurement.
Readjust: To adjust again; to move back to a specified condition; to bring back to an in-tolerance condition.
Reconnect:To rejoin or refasten that which has been separated.
Fit an item which has previously been removed.


K0260 Issue No. 8


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