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GE Druck ADTS 505 User Manual Page 40

Data test set.
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Press LEAK MEASURE/CONTROL to select Control mode.
Using the set-up menu, choose the limits set for the aircraft or UUT, see 3.5.6.
Press CLEAR/QUIT repeatedly until the display shows control mode.
Set ROC/RtPs to 5000ft/min, enter an altitude aim of 1000 ft and an airspeed of 200 knots.
Wait until the system achieves the aim values and press LEAK MEASURE/CONTROL to
change to Leak Measure mode.
Leak Measurement
Note: Compressing a gas generates heat. Gas heated or cooled in an enclosed volume causes a
pressure change. It is important, especially for leak testing, to allow enough time for the heated
gas to cool and the pressure to stabilize.
In Leak Measure mode, select from the main menu [Rate Timer], and enter a wait time in minutes
and seconds F3 - [Set Wait] 00m.30Secs. Enter a leak measure time in minutes and seconds F4 -
[Set Time] 00m.30Secs. If necessary, press F5 to save these times for future use.
Select [Start Timer] F1, as the rate timer starts, the display shows the count down (in seconds) of
the wait time and then the count down of the timing. The status message at the bottom of the
screen changes in this order LEAK MODE: WAIT: TIMING: RATES AVAILABLE: Wait until rate timer
has completed, the rate parameters on the display changes from "Leak Measure" to "Timed Leak
Measure" and shows the results in units/min.
Check ROC is less than ±25 ft/min and Rt CAS is less than ±0.25 kt/min.
Press CLEAR/QUIT to return to the main menu.
Press LEAK MEASURE/CONTROL to return to Control mode.
Press GROUND, to go to atmospheric pressure.
Wait until the display shows safe at ground (atmospheric pressure).
After a successful leak test, the ADTS 505 is now ready to be connected to an aircraft system or
unit under test.
After an unsuccessful, first-time leak test, leave the system to achieve thermal stability for a further
five minutes, press CLEAR/QUIT and repeat the leak test. If the leak test is now successful, the
ADTS 505 is now ready to be connected to an aircraft system or unit under test.
After another unsuccessful leak test, disconnect both hoses, check the condition of the o-rings on
the Ps and Pt connectors as detailed in the maintenance section and firmly replace the blanking
caps. Press CLEAR/QUIT and repeat the leak test procedure.
After a successful leak test without hoses connected, replace or repair the faulty hose(s) and test
again. If the ADTS 505 fails the leak test without hoses connected, switch off and return the unit
to the repair depot.
K0260 Issue No. 8


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