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Main Menu; [rate Timer] - GE Druck ADTS 505 User Manual

Data test set.
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Main Menu

In the Leak Measure and Control modes the display shows and provides further selections.

[Rate Timer]

The Rate Timer starts an internal timer for a pre-defined set of times. On the completion of
the time period, the display shows the average rate of change over the time period.
The pre-defined time period with an associated wait period allows pressures to settle before
the timing starts. The wait period counts down to zero before the time period starts.
Rate timing
Press LEAK MEASURE/CONTROL to select Leak Measure mode and, from the main menu,
select [Rate Timer]. The display shows the default time of 1.00 minutes and a wait time of
1.00 minutes. Select each in turn and using the numeric keys change the time and rate time
to the required values.
Select [Start Timing] to begin the test. The display shows "Waiting: 0.00" at the bottom of the
screen and counts down the waiting period. The display then changes to "Timing: 0.00" and
counts down the timing period. After the timing period the ROC and RtCAS changes to Timed
Leak Measure and shows the units/min leak rate.
Pressing one of the parameter keys (e.g., ALT/Ps, ROC/RtPt, SPEEDQc etc.,) or QUIT/CLEAR
cancels the Timed Leak Measure display and returns to the Leak Measure display.
At any time during rate timing or when a timed value is displayed, selecting [Rate Timer]
allows for either the restarting or cancelling of the timing. When timing is cancelled, the rate
displays returns to instantaneous values.
The timed average value remains until a new aim is entered. During this time, it is possible to
view any parameter.
K0260 Issue No. 8
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