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Control Or Measure Parameter; Leak Testing The Adts 505 - GE Druck ADTS 505 User Manual

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Druck ADTS 505 User Manual

3.5.3 Control or Measure Parameter

To change the displayed Measure parameters:
Press SETUP [Displays], [Single, Dual, Quad], press CLEAR/QUIT repeatedly until the display goes
to Leak Measure Mode.
Measure parameters:
To change the displayed rate parameter:
Press the associated parameter key followed by the rate key.
e.g., display airspeed rate, press SPEED/Qc then RATE.
ROC/RATE Ps may be directly pressed without first pressing ALT/Ps.
In Leak Measure mode, pressing the parameter and rate keys changes the order that the display
shows the parameters.
Control Aim
A new control aim can be entered using the numeric keys. Each digit is displayed as it is pressed.
The existing aim is replaced when the first digit of the new aim is pressed. If an error is made during
the entry of data, press CLEAR/QUIT to restore the original aim.
Press ENTER to action the new aim.
Note 1:The -/000 key can be used as a quick way of entering thousands. If this key is pressed first (i.e.
before a number is entered) the value becomes negative, press again the value becomes positive.
Note 2:The ADTS 505 must be in control mode to enter a new aim (current aim displayed). If the aim
field shows "Leak Measure" press LEAK MEASURE/CONTROL to enter control mode.

3.5.4 Leak Testing the ADTS 505

It is important to check that the ADTS 505 and the connecting hoses do not leak. Before use, a leak
check should be carried out as follows:
Connect the Pitot and static hoses (to front panel of ADTS 505). Temporarily seal the free ends of
the hoses.
Set the display to quad, see 3.4.1. Set the units to feet and knots, see 3.5.5.
Press the parameter key
e.g., press SPEED/Qc to display airspeed.
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K0260 Issue No. 8


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