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Installation; Opening The Housing - Siemens AR6181-MX Installation And Configuration Manual

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Opening the housing

Siemens Building Technologies
Fire & Security Products
The reader is designed to be wall-mounted on 60 mm flush-mounting boxes. For
surface mounting, the bottom section of the housing can be affixed to the distance
frame supplied.
The reader should not be mounted directly onto conductive materials, such as metal surfaces, metal
frames (reinforcement) or metal-plated surfaces, as these surfaces will reduce the reader's range.
The clearance to such surfaces should be at least 30 cm.
If the unit has to be mounted onto a metal surface, the distance frame supplied can be used to
maintain the minimum clearance.
The distance between readers of the same design should not be less than 30 cm.
Before final installation, the planned installation site should be checked for suitability.
You can tell the direction of the distance frame or the bottom section of the housing from the
inscription „TOP
". The arrow must point upwards!
Fig. 1
Installation direction
If you attach the top section of the housing to the bottom section, it slots into place.
This means you should proceed as follows when opening the housing:
Unscrew the safety screw (1)
Insert a screwdriver into the two points on the side of the reader housing
between the top and bottom sections of the housing (2).
Remove the top section of the housing from the bottom section.
Fig. 2
Opening the housing

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