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Pin Code; Rs485 - Cerpass Reader Protocol - Siemens AR6181-MX Installation And Configuration Manual

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Configuration parameters

PIN code

10.3.1 RS485 – CerPass reader protocol
0x01 or 0x03
0x01 ... 0x06
Siemens Building Technologies
Fire & Security Products
The PIN can be entered before or after the ID card booking, depending on the
The basic rule is that the max. waiting time between input and ID card booking is
10 seconds. Once this delay has expired, the input is cancelled and the entire
process is discarded, i.e. the input of transponder / ID card has to be repeated.
PIN input can be cancelled with the C key. This means the entire process has to be
Using the E key completes the PIN input process and the entered PIN is then
processed based on the set parameters.
If the PIN is input before the transponder, the E key completes the input process
and the PIN data are sent.
If the PIN input is completed with a transponder, the ID card number is transferred
together with the entered PIN.
Further details about PIN handling, insofar as the process differs from the one
described here, are described below with the individual settings.
PIN before transponder
PIN input and completion with E key
(telegr. identifier: Kg)
PIN input and transponder within 10 seconds
(telegr. identifier: Hk)
Transponder before PIN
Transponder, LED flashes green and waits 10 seconds for key input
No PIN input:
Only E key:
ID card number (telegr. identifier: Kg)
PIN input:
ID card number with PIN code (telegr. identifier: Hk)
PIN before transponder
PIN input with PIN input
PIN input with E key
Not permissible
Use of default buffer length, depending on the interface. For more information please refer to
in chapter 8.
Number of permissible PIN digits, autom. completion if number of digits reached; otherwise
finish with E key!
PIN code as ID card number
ID card number with PIN code
Discard and cancellation
as with PIN_MODE = 0x00
same as with PIN_MODE = 0x00

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