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PR500 / PR500EM
PR500 is a proximity card reader for connection to
indoor and outdoor mounting. The reader is compatible with both active and passive Bewator cards and
tags. Note! Different cards/tags are used for PR500 and PR500EM respectively.
The PR500 proximity reader reads cards or tags without them being in contact with the reader. The reader
continuously transmits a low power radio frequency. When a card or tag is presented within the field of the
reader it activates and transmits a unique identification number back to the reader. The reader then sends
this code to the connected control unit in
See Illustration
on page 9.
Mounting and Mechanical Installation
The reader can be mounted on all types of materials; it can be mounted behind glass or can even be flush
mounted. The only limit is that the reader may not be completely surrounded by metal, if the reader is to be
flush mounted then the distance to surrounded metal should be at least 3 cm, no metal should be directly in
front of the reader. When flush mounting the reader the maximum read range would reduce.
Note! Avoid mounting the reader near sources of electrical noise, such as motors, generators, pumps,
computer installations and mains cabling.
The reader is supplied with the cover separate. If the cover has been fitted, remove it by pushing in the lug
on its lower edge using a suitable screwdriver. At the bottom of the reader there is a knockout to facilitate
cable entry if required. Mount the reader at a height of 000 - 200 mm (from the floor to the bottom edge of
the reader). After installation, fit the top cover by locating its lugs at the top, pushing the bottom of the cover
until it snaps into place.
For outdoor mounting, we recommend that the terminals should be covered with a suitable compound, for
example silicone grease.
All other information regarding installation and programming can be found in the manual supplied with the
control unit.
Please refer to Bewator web site for information how to connect to older door controllers.
Connecting the PR500 to Bewator Entro door central DC22, DC12 - or DC800
Use a screened multicore cable (i.e. Belden 9534/9535/9538) for connection between the reader unit and the
door central. Maximum cable distance is 50 metres. See Illustration  on page 9.
For Bewator Entro - connect to the BCLINK terminal block. Set the link J4 in the door central to +V = Vin
For DC800 - Set jumper J to Vin & jumper J4 to BCLINK.
The power to the door central will then also be fed to the reader.
When the PR500 is powered for the first time, the green and red LEDs light for 4 seconds. Then an Auto detect
procedure starts for approx. 60 seconds where the three LEDs are lit (to configure for BCLINK protocol). It is
important that cards or tags are not presented to the reader until this Auto detect procedure is completed.
Once completed, the LEDs will turn off, a sound is heard and the reader is now ready for use. The readers
LEDs are controlled exclusively by the host system.
Connecting both Entry and Exit readers (BCLINK)
If both Entry and Exit readers are to be used, the Exit reader must be set to an exit function. This is done with
a link between terminal blocks HRN-Adr and DA in the PR500 (before power-up). The initialising process will
then be the same as above.
See Illustration
on page 9.
Installation Note
Bewator Entro, Bewator 200 or DC800
Bewator Entro, Bewator 200 or DC800

. The PR500 is for both



Summary of Contents for Siemens Bewator PR500

  • Page 1 PR500 / PR500EM 81170-5 06-08 Installation Note ENGLISH Introduction PR500 is a proximity card reader for connection to . The PR500 is for both Bewator Entro, Bewator 200 or DC800 indoor and outdoor mounting. The reader is compatible with both active and passive Bewator cards and tags.
  • Page 2: Technical Data

    ENGLISH Connecting the reader PR500 to Bewator 2010 E2V The drawing shows how the PR500 connects to the Bewator 200 system where the node E2V is used. The power supply for the PR500 is connected to the E2:s incoming power supply input . Maximum +24V. Note that the incoming 0V also have to be connected to internal minus (on terminal block).
  • Page 3 SVENSKA Inledning PR500 är en kompakt, proxläsare (beröringsfri) för anslutning till . PR500 Bewator Entro, Bewator 200 eller DC800 är för både inomhus och utomhusmontage. Läsaren är kompatibel med Bewators kort/brickor av s. k. aktiv eller passiv typ. PR500 beröringsfri läsare kan läsa kort/brickor utan att dessa behöver vara i kontakt med läsaren.
  • Page 4 SVENSKA Anslutning av PR500 till Bewator 2010 E2V Inkopplingsbilden visar hur PR500 ansluts till Bewator 200 totalintegrerat system där noden E2V används. Strömförsörjningen till läsaren PR500 hämtas från E2:ans inkommande spänningsmatning. Max spänning är då +24V. Observera att inkommande 0V även kopplas till interna minusplinten. Observera att ingen anslutning får göras till +2V utgången i E2V (på...
  • Page 5 DEUTSCH Einleitung Der PR500 ist ein kompakter Proxleser (berührungslos) zum Anschluss an Bewator Entro, Bewator 200 oder DC800. Der PR500 ist für die Innen- und Außenmontage geeignet. Der Leser liest aktive und passive Karten und „Schlüsselanhänger“ (Tags). Achtung! Für PR500 und PR500EM werden jeweils verschiedene Karten/Schlüsselanhänger verwendet. Der berührungslose Leser PR500 liest Karten oder „Schlüsselanhänger“, ohne dass diese mit dem Leser in Kontakt kommen müssen.
  • Page 6 DEUTSCH Anschluss des PR500 an Bewator 2010 E2V Die Schaltplanabbildung zeigt den Anschluss des PR500 an das vollintegrierte System Bewator 200 unter Verwendung von Knoten E2V. Die Stromversorgung des Leser PR500 findet über die eingehende Versorgungsspannung von E2 statt. Die maximale Spannung beträgt +24 V. Beachten Sie, dass die eingehenden 0V ebenfalls mit der internen Minusseite verbunden werden müssen (an der Klemmenleiste).
  • Page 7 FRANCAIS Introduction Le PR500 est un lecteur de cartes de proximité qui se connecte sur les systèmes Bewator Entro, á Bewator 200 ou á DC800. Il s’installe aussi bien à l’intérieure qu’à l’extérieure. Le lecteur est compatible avec les cartes et badges Bewator actifs et passifs. Remarque : PR500 et PR500EM utilisent des modèles de cartes/ badges différents.
  • Page 8 FRANCAIS Connexion du lecteur PR500 au Bewator 2010 E2V Le schéma illustre la connexion du PR500 au système Bewator 200 avec utilisation nœud E2V. L’alimentation du PR500 est connectée sur l’entrée d’alimentation du E2. Maximum +24 V. Remarque : l’entrée 0V doit également être connectée sur la borne interne négative (sur le bornier). Attention : en raison des restrictions électriques, ne pas faire de branchement sur les bornes de sortie d’alimentation 2 V du E2V.
  • Page 9  Illustration - Illustration -  (+12V - +24V) (0 Volt) DC22 DC800 DC12 Com C H(C) Com C 13 Com D D0(D) Com D 14 Skärm till jord /Screen to Earth PR500 FRAME Schirm auf Erdemasse PR500EM Illustration -  (+12V - +24V) (0 Volt) DC22...
  • Page 10 Monteringsmått Fixing dimensions Montage Abmessungen Dimensions de montage Fixing Dimensions (mm) Fixing holes: 4.2mm diameter Front cover (143 x 40mm) 140.5 Cable entry hole 9mm diameter 37.5...

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