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Siemens AR6181-MX Installation And Configuration Manual page 2

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Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änderungen vorbehalten.
Data and design subject to change without notice. / Supply subject to availability.
© 2004 Copyright by
Siemens Building Technologies AG
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Thank you for deciding to purchase the AR618x-MX.
We hope you are completely satisfied with this product. If you have any questions
or comments please feel free to contact your local SIEMENS branch, who will be
happy to help.
The ID card readers AR6181-MX and AR6182-MX (with keypad) are new proximity
ID card readers in a Square housing, part of the new Access reader range.
The readers read proximity ID cards of 13.56 MHz technologies:
ISO14443 Type A - like Mifare® 1k, 4k or UltraLight, my-D proximity (SLE55Rxx),
ISO14443 Type B - like my-C (SLE66CL160S) and
- like my-D vicinity, I-Code SLI, TagIT-HFI.
or the personalised ID number out of a sector/block (Mifare) or a public block
(Mifare UltraLight, my-D). The card number will be transmitted to the Access
control system for processing.
This manual provides a detailed function overview.

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