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General Notes; Delivery Volume - Siemens AR6181-MX Installation And Configuration Manual

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General notes

General notes

Delivery volume

Siemens Building Technologies
Fire & Security Products
The data transmission of the system from the user cards to the card readers is
based on a electromagnetic field, which is created around the aerial of the card
reader. If the ID card is approximated to the electromagnetic field of the reader
aerial, it is supplied with energy and sends its personalised data. The data is
received by the reader aerial.
The reading range of the card readers AR618x-MX, depending on the kind of the
arrangement and material the reader is mounted on, is up to 70 mm.
The kind of transponder used (ID card, key fob, etc.) also has an important
influence on the reading distance.
Mind that the card readers are not installed near computer terminals, TV sets, etc.
as these devices might also affect the reading range. If the card reader is mounted
on metal walls or metallized glass surfaces, the distance frame which is included in
the delivery should be used. Please take into account the reading range will
thereby be reduced. More information can be found in chapter 6 Installation.
Installation according to the type of protection IP 65 (using the gaskets which are
included in the delivery). Avoid installing the reader in places where it is subject to
direct sunlight.
The reader has one multicolour LED for the colours yellow, green and red and an
internal buzzer.
1 x housing; upper part with reader electronic and front foil
1 x housing; lower part with connection board
1 x distance frame
1 x accessory bag
1 x installation instructions
1 x repair form
3 x gasket


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