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Reader Interface; Output Data Formats - Siemens AR6181-MX Installation And Configuration Manual


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Card reader configuration

Reader interface


Output data formats

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The card readers AR6181-MX and AR6182-MX have to be connected via a RS485
bus interface, 2-wire, to the reader interface of the interface unit (e.g. DRI) or a
door controller. For that a 4-wire, twisted pair, shielded cable is required. One pair
is for the 2-wire RS485 party line and the other pair for power supply of the reader.
The maximum allowed bus length is 1200 m (at 9600 Baud).
The card readers AR618x-MX do have an Clock/Data interface which fulfils either
the Omron (ABA format) / Magstripe Track II or the Wiegand interface
More information on Address setting for RS485 bus operation, 2-wire, can be found
in chapter 7.1 and on Setting the address (Clock/Data) in chapter 7.2.
The output of the read card information is transferred to the parent system (reader
interface, door controller) by means of the different interfaces of the reader.
Depending on the interface used, certain transfer formats and data formats have to
be applied. For more information please refer to chapter 10.2 Combination options.
Available interfaces (see chapter 6)
CerPass reader protocol
UCI reader protocol
The output data formats that are possible are defined by the interface used and the
associated protocol.
The data formats for the RS485 interfaces are in BCD or ASCII format depending
on the reader protocol used.
The data formats of the clock/data interface depend on the interface and the
technology used with the interface.
Omron/Magstripe Track II:
(Data format: ASCII)
(Data format: BCD, ASCII)
(Data format: ABA coded (5-bit)
(Wiegand format / Data 1 : 1)
Transfers BCD data formats in ABA format (4 bits +
parity 1 bit) with the corresponding additional
control characters in the protocol.
Transfers bit data with additional parity bits based
on the respective Wiegand format definitions (e.g.
26 and 37 bits).

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