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Security Settings; Ipsec Settings; Tone Adjustments; Return To Default - Sharp MX-C300P Operation Manual

Digital full color printer
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Tone Adjustments

This function is used to adjust each of the density
levels (low, mid, and high) of the four color
components, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
(1) Select [Color Adjustments] on the operation
panel and press [OK] key.
(2) Select [Tone Adjustments] and press [OK] key,
then Tone Adjustments setting screen
Enter each number in the range of 1 to 7 to the
colors of C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow) and
Bk (Black).
Initially the setting screen for [Low] level appears.
You can change the screen for [Middle] and [High]
with [
] keys.
Factory default number for each color is set to "4"
Increasing the number will make the print darker
and decreasing the number will make it lighter.

Return to Default

The color adjustment setting values can be initialized
to the factory default ones by selecting [Return to
Default] in [Color Adjustments] menu.
(1) Select [Return to Default] in [Color
Adjustments] menu and press [OK] key.
(2) Confirmation screen appears and select [Yes]
to initialize the value to default, or select [No]
to return to [Mode Select] screen.

Security Settings

The following settings are related to security.
Select the [Security Settings] to configure the settings.

IPsec Settings

IPsec can be used for data transmission/reception on
a network.
IKEv1 Settings
Configure the IKEv1 settings.
Initialize Private Data and Data in
The system-set values can be restored to the factory
default state after eliminating the data stored in the
Current values set for system settings
Current values set for network settings
User information > User registration information
User information > Paper limits
User information > Function usage restrictions
User information > User counts
(Excluding default users)
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