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Paper That Cannot Be Used; Special Papers - Sharp MX-C300P Operation Manual

Digital full color printer
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Paper that cannot be used

• Special media for inkjet printers (fine paper, glossy
paper, glossy film, etc.)
• Carbon paper or thermal paper
• Pasted paper
• Paper with clips
• Paper with fold marks
• Torn paper
• Oil-feed transparency film
• Thin paper less than 13 lbs. (55 g/m
• Paper that is 80 lbs. index (220 g/m
Non-recommended paper
• Iron-on transfer paper
• Japanese paper
• Various types of plain paper and special media are sold. Some types cannot be used with the machine. Contact
your dealer or nearest SHARP Service Department for advice on using these types of paper.
• The image quality and toner fusibility of paper may change due to ambient conditions, operating conditions, and
paper characteristics, resulting in image quality inferior to that of SHARP standard paper. Contact your dealer or
nearest SHARP Service Department for advice on using these types of paper.
• The use of non-recommended or prohibited paper may result in skewed feeding, misfeeds, poor toner fusing
(the toner does not adhere to the paper well and can be rubbed off), or machine failure.
• The use of non-recommended paper may result in misfeeds or poor image quality. Before using
non-recommended paper, check if printing can be performed properly.
Paper that can be used for automatic 2-sided printing
Paper used for automatic duplex printing must meet the following conditions.
Paper type:
Plain paper (special paper cannot be used.)
Paper size:
Standard sizes (8-1/2" x 14", 8-1/2" x 13", 8-1/2" x 11", A4, B5, A5, 16K)
Paper weight: 16 lbs. to 28 lbs. (60 g/m

Special papers

Follow these guidelines when using special papers.
• Use SHARP recommended transparency film and label sheets. Using other than SHARP recommended paper
may result in misfeeds or smudges on the output. If other than SHARP recommended media must be used, feed
each sheet one at a time using the bypass tray (do not attempt continuous printing).
• There are many varieties of special paper available on the market, and some cannot be used with this machine.
Before using special paper, contact your SHARP Service Department.
• Before using other than SHARP recommended paper, make a test print to see if the paper is suitable.
• Irregularly shaped paper
• Stapled paper
• Damp paper
• Curled paper
• Paper on which either the print side or the reverse
• Paper with a wave-like pattern due to moisture
) or heavier
• Perforated paper
to 105 g/m
side has been printed on by another printer or
multifunction device.


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