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User Control; User Authentication; User Registration; Account Limit Setting - Sharp MX-C300P Operation Manual

Digital full color printer
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User Control

User Control is used to configure settings for user
authentication. Select the [User Control] to configure
the settings.

User Authentication

These settings enable or disable user authentication
and specify the authentication method.
When user authentication is enabled, each user of the
machine is registered. When a user logs in, settings for
that user are applied.

User Registration

Users can be added, deleted, and changed.
• When entering a user number, the [OK]
key is not enabled until 5 digits have been
• If the [Clear] key is pressed during entry of
a user number, the displayed user number
changes to "-----".

Function Limit Setting

Set functions that all users or a specific user can use.
• Color
• B/W
• USB Memory Direct Print
For the users that are prohibited to use
Color, using USB Memory Direct Print will
be prohibited even if they have been
permitted to use it.

Account Limit Setting

Printing paper limits can be set for all users or specific

User Count Display

This setting is used to display the print page counts of
each account, and the usage limits for printing. Misfed
pages are not included in the page counts.
To change to a different account number, press the
] or [
] key.
Select and display the type with the [

User Count Reset

This setting is used to reset the print page counts of an
individual account, or all accounts, to zero.

A Warning when Login Fails

When this setting is enabled, the machine will not
allow operation for one minute if an incorrect account
number is entered three times in a row. During this
time, "This operation is disabled. Please contact your
administrator." will appear in the display.

Disable Print by Inv. User

When enabled, this setting cancels a print job if no
account number is entered or an invalid account
number is entered. This setting is only effective when
"User Authentication" has been enabled.
The function is initially enabled (factory default
Pages printed by invalid account numbers
are added to the page count of "Others"
(account number).
] or [
] key.


Table of Contents

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