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Color Adjustments; Easy Calibration - Sharp MX-C300P Operation Manual

Digital full color printer
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Color Adjustments

This machine provides the color adjustment ways as
shown below.
Easy Calibration and Tone Adjustments
The machine has two color adjustment functions. Use
the appropriate function depending on the situation.

• Easy Calibration

Use to fit the gray balance. This function implements
a test page print out.
• Tone Adjustments
Use to adjust the tone density of each color. This
function does not implement a test page print out.
Easy Calibration
This function is performed by selecting the desired
color of gray (processed gray), which is a combination
of cyan, magenta, and yellow on the printed test page.
Before using the Easy Calibration, load or 8-1/2" x 11"
A4 white plain paper in the tray.
The result of color reproduction depends on
paper quality. It is recommended to adjust
with the actual paper to be printed.
(1) Select [Color Adjustments] on the operation
panel and press [OK] key.
(2) Select [Easy Calibration] and press [OK] key,
then press again [OK] key to print out the test
(3) View the test page from directly in front, and
select the cell that is closest to the neutral
Place five sheets of white plain paper under the
printed test page so that no background color or
pattern shows through the test page.
Be careful that the visibility of the gray patch
may be affected by the environmental
The test page is divided into cells with 7 on
the horizontal axis (X) and 7 on the vertical
axis (Y). Each cell is filled in with gray mixed
with a varied hue of color.
(4) Enter the coordinates of the color selected in
step (3) in [X] and [Y] of the Easy Calibration
and press [OK] key.
If X = 4 and Y = 4 are entered, gray balance
doesn't change.
If the color adjustment is not satisfactory on
the trial print, repeat the above procedure
(1) to (4).
If the color is still not satisfactory after
repeating the procedure several times, use
the "Tone Adjustments".
If you desire this
color of gray, the
coordinates are
X = 2, Y = 5.
X = 4, Y = 4
position shows
the current value
of gray balance.


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