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Digital full color printer
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(1) Select [Color].
(2) Select color print settings.
To use the Mac OS Color Management function, select
the [ColorSync] checkbox
"Image Type" cannot be selected.
(3) Select the Image Type.
An image type to match the data to be printed can be
selected from the pull-down menu.
• Standard (for data that includes text, photos, graphs,
• Graphics (for data with many drawings or illustrations)
• Photo (for photo data or data that uses photos)
• CAD (for engineering drawing data)
• Scan (for data scanned by a scanner)
• Colorimetric (Data which needs to be printed in
almost the same colors as those on the screen)
• Custom (for data to be printed with special settings)
[Neutral Gray] can be used when [Custom] is selected.
The following color management settings are available.
• Windows ICM checkbox*
• ColorSync checkbox:
• Source Profile:
• Rendering Intent:
• Output Profile:
• CMYK Correction*
• Screening:
• Neutral Gray:
• Pure Black Print:
• Black Overprint:
• CMYK Simulation:
• Simulation Profile:
*1 Cannot be enabled when using a PS printer driver in Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008/8/8.1/Server 2012.
*2 Only the PCL6 printer driver can be used.
. When this is done,
Color management method in a Windows environment
Color management method in a Macintosh environment
Selection of the input color profile used for the printed image
Standard value used when converting the color balance of the image displayed on
the computer screen to a color balance that can be printed by the machine.
Selection of the output color profile used for the printed image
When printing a CMYK image, you can correct the image to obtain the optimum
Select the most suitable image processing method for the image being printed.
Select whether gray halftones are printed with single-color black toner or 4-color
CMYK toners.
Select whether black areas are printed with single-color black toner or 4-color
CMYK toners.
Prevents whitening of the outline of black text.
The color can be adjusted to simulate printing using the process colors used by
printing presses.
Selecting a process color.
(4) Select advanced color settings.
If you wish to select detailed settings, click the
[Advanced] tab.
To configure color management settings, select the
desired settings from the menus. To use "CMYK
Simulation", select the [CMYK Simulation] checkbox
and then select the desired setting.


Table of Contents

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