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Important points when inserting paper in the bypass tray
• Up to 50 sheets of standard paper can be set in the bypass tray.
• Be sure to place 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" or A6, B6 size paper or envelopes horizontally as shown in the following diagram.
• To feed an envelope, first press down the fusing unit release levers (2 places) to release the pressure. (p.17)
• When loading envelopes, make sure that they are straight and flat and do not have loosely glued construction flaps
(not the closure flap).
• Special papers except SHARP recommended transparency film, labels, and envelopes must be fed one sheet at a
time through the bypass tray.
• When adding paper, first remove any paper remaining in the tray, combine it with the paper to be added and then
reload as a single stack. The paper to be added must be the same size and type as the paper already in the tray.
• Use SHARP-recommended transparency film.
• Do not use paper that is smaller than the original. This may cause smudges or unclean images.
• Do not use paper that has already been printed on by a laser printer or plain paper fax machine. This may cause
smudges or unclean images.
Important points when using envelopes
Envelopes that cannot be used
Do not use the following envelopes. Envelopes misfeed, and smudges may result.
• Envelopes with metal clasps, plastic hooks, or ribbon
• Envelopes closed with string
• Envelopes with windows or backing
• Envelopes with an uneven front surface due to
• Double-layer envelopes
• Envelopes with an adhesive for sealing
• Hand-made envelopes
• Envelopes with air inside
• Envelopes with creases, fold marks, torn or
damaged envelopes
Print quality on envelopes
• Print quality is not guaranteed in the area 13/32" (10 mm) around the edges of the envelope.
• Print quality is not guaranteed on parts of envelopes where there is a large step-like change of thickness, such as
on four-layer parts or parts less than three layers.
• Print quality is not guaranteed on envelopes with adhesive for sealing.
• Envelopes with an incorrectly aligned corner gluing
position on the back cannot be used as creasing
may result.
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Table of Contents

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