Paper Misfeed; Paper Size For A Paper Tray Cannot Be Set; A Print Job Stops Before It Is Finished; The Display Turns Off - Sharp MX-C300P Operation Manual

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Paper misfeed.

Paper size for a paper tray cannot
be set.
A print job stops before it is

The display turns off.

Lighting fixture flickers.

Cause and solution
The paper is outside of the specified size and weight
→ Use paper within the specified range.
Paper curled or damp.
→ Do not use curled or crimped paper. Replace with dry paper.
During periods when the machine is not used for a long time,
remove the paper from the tray and store it in a dark place in a
bag to prevent moisture absorption.
Paper is not loaded properly.
→ Make sure the paper is properly installed.
Pieces of paper inside machine.
→ Remove all pieces of misfed paper.
Several sheets of paper stick together.
→ Fan the paper well before loading it.
A paper misfeed has occurred in the tray.
→ Turn the paper over and/or turn it around, and reload.
Too much paper is loaded in the tray.
→ If the stack of paper is higher than the indicator line on the tray,
remove some of the paper and reload so that the stack does not
exceed the line.
The guides on the bypass tray do not match the width of
the paper.
→ Adjust the guides to match the width of the paper.
If the paper guide presses too hard against the paper, a misfeed
may occur. Adjust the guide so that it lightly contacts the paper.
The bypass tray extension is not pulled out.
→ When loading paper, open the extension.
The bypass paper feed roller is dirty.
→ Clean the roller.
Printing is performed.
→ Set the paper size after printing is complete.
The machine has stopped temporarily due to running out
of paper or a misfeed.
→ Load paper or remove the misfeed, and then set the paper size.
The paper output tray is full.
→ Remove the output in the paper output tray to resume printing.
The tray is out of paper.
→ Load paper.
Any other indicators turned off.
→ If other indicators are lit, the machine is in "Preheat mode". Press
any key on the operation panel to resume normal operation.
[ENERGY SAVE] indicator (
→ The machine is in auto power shut-off mode. Press the [ENERGY
SAVE] key
to resume normal operation.
The same power outlet being used is for the lighting
fixture and the machine.
→ Connect the machine to a power outlet which is not used for other
electric appliances.
) blinks.
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Table of Contents

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