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Sharp MX-C380P Manual

Colour laser printer
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  • Page 1 MX-C380P Colour Laser Printer Sales Guide SHARP DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Sharp OSA 3.0, which makes it easier for users to customise and integrate it into their office workflow. In summary, the MX-C380P is set to bring A4 space to a new level and become the centre of activity in every office.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Comparison between MX-C381, MX-C380 and MX-C380P............25 Comparison between MX-C380P and MX-B380P ..............26 COMPETITIVE COMPARISON ..................27 Sharp MX-C380P Vs HP Colour LaserJet CP4025n/dn ..............28 Sharp MX-C380P Vs HP Colour LaserJet CP4525n/dn/xh............29 Sharp MX-C380P Vs Lexmark C736n/dn/dtn................30 Sharp MX-C380P Vs Kyocera FS-C5400DN ................
  • Page 4 SPECIFICATIONS ......................34 Basic Specifications........................34 Peripheral Device specifications....................36 Figure of Dimensions ......................... 38 Functions ..........................40 CONFIGURATIONS ......................43 Options List ..........................43 Functional Combinations ......................43 Consumables List ........................44...
  • Page 5: Market Analysis

    Market Analysis The A4 Colour Printer Market Due to the economic crisis, in 2009 the colour printer market decreased to 1,329,711 units compared to 2008 (80.7% vs LY). This was mainly in the Col 1 and Col 2, (under 19 ppm) colour printer category. (Col 1: 78.7% vs LY, Col 2: 32.4% vs LY) However, if we look at the over 20 ppm colour printer category, even in the current economic situation, it is still increasing, 102.3% vs LY in Col 3 (20 –...
  • Page 6: The Competitors

    DELL Ot hers We can see our main competitors in the 30-39 ppm printer category in which the new Sharp printer MX-C380P is categorised. In this category HP also dominates the market with their Colour LaserJet CP 3525 series, around 50% share, and also with the Colour LaserJet 4700, around 9% share.
  • Page 7: The Future

    In summary, although this is not a new market, it is still an increasing market and more importantly it is a new market for Sharp to enter with the 38 ppm MX-C380P printer. Sharp now has a larger opportunity for total sales, offering not just A3 MFP but an A4 colour printer, in addition, to their range.
  • Page 8: Product Positioning

    Office Walk-up More than 100 users A3 Colour output MX-M850 MX-7001N / MX-6201N MX-5500N Large Workgroup MX-M753U/ MX-M623U MX-C380P MX-5000N / MX-5001N 20-50 users MX-4100N / MX-4101N MX-B380P MX-M503 / MX-M453 MX-M363 / MX-M283 MX-C381 / MX-C380 Medium Workgroup MX-C311 / MX-C310...
  • Page 9 Machine Life represents the product design life for a machine that has used genuine Sharp supplies and has been serviced at the preventative maintenance schedule by fully experienced technicians. It is intended for planning purposes only due to the influence on the life of the product by external sources such as environment,...
  • Page 10: Product Overview

    Product Overview Highly Productive Printing 38 ppm Space Saving Inner Finisher High Resolution 4.3” Colour LCD Screen (optional) 1,200 x 1,200 dpi Print Resolution Multilayered Security Solutions Remote Front Panel Access 80 GB Hard Drive (standard) Front panel USB 2.0 Port Energy Star Compliant Stylish &...
  • Page 11: Key Selling Points

    Modern Design With its smart grey and black highlighting and ‘grained’ texture, the MX-C380P has been designed to fit into the most modern and stylish of offices. Not only that, but since the latest MFPs and Printers from Sharp boast the same stylish exterior, using both machines in a mixed deployment does not mean they will look out of place.
  • Page 12: Productivity

    Productivity Not only is the MX-C380P incredibly easy to use, it is also very efficient – helping you to achieve the best productivity possible. • Fast output speed The MX-C380P has a maximum print speed of 38 ppm in both colour and monochrome.
  • Page 13 • USB Interface An easy to access USB port allows users to print important documents directly from their USB memory. Compatible file formats include: Encrypted PDF XPS (with MX-PUX1 + MX-SMX3 installed) JPEG TIFF Rear side and front side of printer Note: The port is exclusive so users can only use one USB port at a time.
  • Page 14: Flexible Paper Handling

    Flexible Paper Handling Multi Bypass Tray Capacity: 100 sheets Inner Finisher (Opt:) Paper Weight: 55 g/m - 209 g/m MX-FN12 Finisher Paper Size: A4R, B5R, A5R MX-CV10 Cover Drawer 1 (Std) Capacity: 500 sheets Paper weights: 60 g/m - 105 g/m Drawer 3 (Opt: MX-CSX2) Paper Size: A4R, B5R, A5R Capacity: 500 sheets...
  • Page 15: Image Quality

    The more dots an MFP/printer can lay down per inch (DPI), the more defined & refined the resulting image will be. The more refined the image, the more impressive the final document will look. The MX-C380P can print in true 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. Images are clearer and the contents easier and clearer to view. 600 x 600 dpi 1,200 x 1,200 dpi But it’s not only photos and images that benefit from higher resolution printing.
  • Page 16 High Grade Toner The toner particles used in the MX-C380P have been refined compared to that of the past MX series such as MX-2300/2700. They are smaller, more uniform in terms of size & shape and can be distributed more evenly on the paper.
  • Page 17: Usability

    [SYSTEM SETTINGS] key CRU (Customer Replaceable Units) Concept Same as MX-C381/C311/C380/C310, MX-C380P adopts the CRU concept. Usually, in order to service the machine or do anything more than change toner cartridges, a certain amount of technical knowledge is required. By making it quick and as easy as possible to maintain the machine, cost are reduced (in terms of man-hours), and...
  • Page 18 The control panel for most MFPs/Printers is fixed, making it difficult for some people to use. To combat this, Sharp has developed the Remote Front Panel which shows the full operation panel on a PC as is on the Printer, making it easy to control remotely. Through Remote Front Panel, service helpdesk or disabled users can connect with the Printer.
  • Page 19: Environmentally Friendly

    3 years. (As of May 2010, MX-C380P has not been certified with Nordic Ecolabel.) The MX series are designed with the environment in mind and based on Sharp’s policy of becoming a totally environmentally friendly company. •...
  • Page 20: Multilayered Security Solutions

    Employment data • The list is endless The MX-C380P employs Sharp’s unsurpassed expertise in security to ensure that your data remains safe, whoever has access to your printer. Secure data during communications with the printer HTTPS / SSL / IPsec network data encryption...
  • Page 21: Connectivity

    Compatibility with the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) ensures you can use your MFP/Printer with both Unix and Linux. Not only can our devices work with all these software vendors, the MX-C380P can communicate with them exceptionally quickly over the latest networking technologies:...
  • Page 22 Function Service User Advanced User General User System Settings Cloning Service Reports Firmware Download Remote Operation Yes** Yes** PAU System Configure Driver Download Driver Registration Device View Device Discovery Service Alert Device Usage Export * PAU 5 will be available at a later date ** The Remote Operation feature will allow users to access depending on the system settings for the Remote Operation at the Printer side.
  • Page 23: Office Integration

    PC, giving you the ability to create your own solutions specific to your own needs. The MX-C380P is compatible with Sharp OSA versions 3.0, 3.2, and 3.5 which make it even easier to customise your MFP/Printer and integrate it into your office workflow.
  • Page 24: Comparison With Other Sharp Mfps & Printer

    Ability to add finishing features to a print job (TIFF, JPEG, PDF & XPS only). Specify mode to be displayed after login Users can specify the mode to be displayed after login and the printer will retain this information after user logs out. Comparison with other Sharp MFPs & Printer...
  • Page 25: Comparison Between Mx-C381, Mx-C380 And Mx-C380P

    Comparison between MX-C381, MX-C380 and MX-C380P MX-C381 MX-C380 MX-C380P (MFP model) (MFP model) (Printer model) Mode Copier/Printer/Fax Printer General Copy: 600 x 600 dpi Resolution Printer: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (max) Printer: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (max) Paper capacity (Std/Max)
  • Page 26: Comparison Between Mx-C380P And Mx-B380P

    Comparison between MX-C380P and MX-B380P MX-C380P (Colour Printer) MX-B380P (Monochrome Printer) Mode Printer General Resolution Printer: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (max) Paper capacity (Std/Max) 600 sheets/ 2,100 sheets Duplex Std. Memory/HDD 1 GB (2 GB max)/ 512 MB/ 256 512 MB (1.5 GB max)/ 512 MB / -...
  • Page 27: Competitive Comparison

    Competitive Comparison The competitive analysis is designed to promote the features of the MX-C380P in terms of their competitive advantages. Content Items and Order: Sharp MX-C380P Vs. HP CLJ CP4025 Sharp MX-C380P Vs. HP CLJ CP4525 Sharp MX-C380P Vs. Lexmark C736 Sharp MX-C380P Vs.
  • Page 28: Sharp Mx-C380P Vs Hp Colour Laserjet Cp4025N/Dn

    Sharp MX-C380P Vs HP Colour LaserJet CP4025n/dn Manufacturer Sharp Manufacturer Sharp Model MX-C380P CP4025n/dn Model MX-C380P CP4025n/dn Launch Date June 2010 November 2009 Printer Multifunctional Print/min. (ppm) (B/W) Copy Print/min. (ppm) (Col) Network Printer First print time (B/W) Network Scanning...
  • Page 29: Sharp Mx-C380P Vs Hp Colour Laserjet Cp4525N/Dn/Xh

    Sharp MX-C380P Vs HP Colour LaserJet CP4525n/dn/xh Manufacturer Sharp Manufacturer Sharp Model MX-C380P CP4525n/dn/xh Model MX-C380P CP4525n/dn/xh Launch Date June 2010 November 2009 Printer Multifunctional Print/min. (ppm) (B/W) Copy Print/min. (ppm) (Col) Network Printer First print time (B/W) Network Scanning...
  • Page 30: Sharp Mx-C380P Vs Lexmark C736N/Dn/Dtn

    Sharp MX-C380P Vs Lexmark C736n/dn/dtn Manufacturer Sharp Lexmark Manufacturer Sharp Lexmark Model MX-C380P C736n/dn/dtn Model MX-C380P C736n/dn/dtn Launch Date June 2010 May 2009 Printer Multifunctional Print/min. (ppm)(B/W) Copy Print/min. (ppm)(Col) Network Printer First print time (B/W) Network Scanning First print time (Col)
  • Page 31: Sharp Mx-C380P Vs Kyocera Fs-C5400Dn

    Sharp MX-C380P Vs Kyocera FS-C5400DN Manufacturer Sharp Kyocera Manufacturer Sharp Kyocera Model MX-C380P FS-C5400DN Model MX-C380P FS-C5400DN Launch Date June 2010 June 2009 Printer Multifunctional Print/min. (ppm)(B/W) Copy Print/min. (ppm)(Col) Network Printer First print time (B/W) Network Scanning First print time (Col)
  • Page 32: Sharp Mx-C380P Vs Konica Minolta Magicolor 5670En

    Sharp MX-C380P Vs Konica Minolta Magicolor 5670EN Manufacturer Sharp Konica Minolta Manufacturer Sharp Konica Minolta Model MX-C380P Magicolor 5670EN Model MX-C380P Magicolor 5670EN Launch Date June 2010 June 2009 Printer Multifunctional Print/min. (ppm)(B/W) Copy Print/min. (ppm)(Col) Network Printer First print time (B/W)
  • Page 33: Sharp Mx-C380P Vs Xerox Phaser 6360N/Dn/Dt/Dx

    Sharp MX-C380P Vs Xerox Phaser 6360N/DN/DT/DX Manufacturer Sharp Xerox Manufacturer Sharp Xerox Model MX-C380P Phaser 6360N/DN/DT/DX Model MX-C380P Phaser 6360N/DN/DT/DX Launch Date June 2010 February 2007 Printer Multifunctional Print/min. (ppm)(B/W) Copy Print/min. (ppm)(Col) Network Printer First print time (B/W) Network Scanning...
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications Basic Specifications Base Engine MX-C380P Simplex to Simplex 38 ppm (Colour & Mono) (A4 size) Photoconductor type OPC(Diameter: Black: φ30mm) Record method Electronic Photo (Laser) Development method Dry-Type Dual-Component Magnetic Brush Development Charge method Colona discharging Transfer method Middle Transfer Belt...
  • Page 35 Operation Panel (Colour LCD: 4.3inch QVGA) Form Dot matrix LCD Display dot number 480 x 272 dots (Q-VGA) LCD Drive Display Area 95.04 x 53.856 mm LCD backlight LCD contrast adjust...
  • Page 36: Peripheral Device Specifications

    Peripheral D evice specifications 1 x 500 sheet Paper Feed Unit (MX-CSX1/2) Paper sizes MX-CS1: A4R, B5R, A5R MX-CS2: A4R, B5R Paper type/weight Plain paper: 60 – 105 g/m Paper capacity Standard paper: 500 sheets (80 g/m Plain paper, pre-printed paper (not including backing papers), recycled Paper types paper, letterhead, pre-punched paper, and coloured paper Users can set up these types of paper.
  • Page 37 Barcode font Kit (AR-PF1) 28 types of barcode font: Codebar-Regular / Code128-Narrow-Regular / Code128-Regular Code128-Wide-Regular / Code39HalfInch-Regular / Code39OneInch-Regular Code39QuarterInch-Regular / Code39Slim-Regular / Code39SmallHigh-Regular / Code39SmallLow-Regular / Included software Code39SmallMedium-Regular / Code39Wide-Regular / OCR-B-C39-Regular / Interleaved2of5-Regular / Interleaved2of5Thin-Regular / OCR-A / OCR-B / Upc-HalfBarsThin / Upc-HalfMusicThin / Upc-HalfNarrow-Regular / Upc-Half-Regular / Upc-HalfThin-Regular / Upc-TallBarsThin / Upc-TallMusicThin / Upc-TallNarrow-Regular / Upc-Tall-Regular /...
  • Page 38: Figure Of Dimensions

    Figure of Dimensions...
  • Page 40: Functions

    Functions Printer Functions Windows 98*/ Me*/ NT 4.0 SP5 or later*/ 2000/ XP/ XPx64*/ Server 2003/ Server 2003x64*/ Vista/ Vistax64*/ Windows 7/ Windows 7 x 64*/ Server 2008/ Server 2008x64*/ Server 2008R2* Supported OS * Web release Mac OS 9.0-9.2.2 / Mac OS X 10.2.8 / 10.3.9 / 10.4.11 / 10.5-10.5.8 / 10.6- 10.6.2 PDL Emulation PCL5c compatible, PCL6 compatible, PostScript 3 compatible ,XPS (Opt)
  • Page 41 SPDL2-c Printer Functions Content PCL6/5c For setting of Bypass tray, even if the setup values on the main unit side do not match with those on the Enable Selected Paper driver side, the printing will be executed in the setting of Type/Size in Bypass Tray the driver regardless of the setup values on the main unit side.
  • Page 42 (The attached ICC profile on devices is available.) ICC Profile <Output Profile> Sharp provides Custom profile. Upload of profile supports by service. The tool is set on the Web (service setting). For Pantone colour support, the profile upload can be made by Web setting.
  • Page 43: Configurations

    Configurations Options List Model Name Description MX-C380P Remark MX-CSX1 1 x 500 sheet Paper Feed Unit A Opt. MX-CSX2 1 x 500 sheet Paper Feed Unit B Opt. MX-FN12 Inner finisher Opt. MX-CV10 Finisher Cover Opt. MX-PUX1 XPS Expansion Kit MX-SMX3 is required Opt.
  • Page 44: Consumables List

    Consumables List Min. Model name Contents Life Order Remark MX-C38GTB Black Toner Cartridge A4 5% coverage MX-C38GTC Cyan Toner Cartridge A4 5% coverage MX-C38GTM Magenta Toner Cartridge A4 5% coverage MX-C38GTY Yellow Toner Cartridge A4 5% coverage MX-C38GRB Drum Cartridge (For Black only) For black only MX-C38GRS Drum Cartridge (For Y/M/C)