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6.6 Removing SD Cards

SD Card Removal
SD cards should never be removed while being used. Though the SD card slot LEDs indicate when data is being
written to an SD card, lack of flashing LED is not a sufficient safeguard. The IP Office Manager provides methods to
shutdown and restart an individual card
System SD card is removed, licensed features will continue operating for up to 2 hours.
The following processes can be used with SD cards installed in IP500 V2 control units and also with Compact Flash
memory cards installed in IP406 V2 control units.

6.6.1 Card Shutdown

Before a memory card is removed from an IP Office Essential Edition - PARTNER® Version system that is running, the card
should be shutdown. Removing a memory card while the system is running may cause file corruption.
Shutting down the memory card disables all services provided by the card including embedded voicemail. Features
licensed by the memory card will continue to operate for up to 2 hours.
Card services can be restarted by either reinserting the card or using a Start Up command.
Card Shutdown Using Manager
1. Using IP Office Manager, select File | Advanced | Memory Card Commands | Shutdown.
2. In the Select IP Office dialog, select the IP Office system containing the memory card.
3. Click OK.
4. At the back of the control unit, confirm that the memory card LED is off.
5. The card can now be removed in order to perform the necessary maintenance actions.
PARTNER Version Installation Manual
IP Office Essential Edition
or to
shutdown the system
in order to allow removal of an SD card. If the
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- Issue 1c (09 April 2010)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents