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Port-based Virtual Lans (static Vlans) - HP ProCurve Series 2810 Management And Configuration Manual

Procurve series 2810 switches.
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Port-Based Virtual LANs (Static VLANs)

VLAN Features
view existing VLANs n/a
configuring static
default VLAN with
VID = 1
configuring dynamic
A VLAN is a group of ports designated by the switch as belonging to the same
broadcast domain. (That is, all ports carrying traffic for a particular subnet
address would normally belong to the same VLAN.)
This chapter describes static VLANs, which are VLANs you manually config-
ure with a name, VLAN ID (VID), and port assignments. (For information on
dynamic VLANs, see chapter 3, "GVRP".)
Using a VLAN, you can group users by logical function instead of physical
location. This helps to control bandwidth usage by allowing you to group high-
bandwidth users on low-traffic segments and to organize users from different
LAN segments according to their need for common resources.
By default, 802.1Q VLAN support is enabled for eight VLANS. You can config-
ure up to 256 VLANs on the switch.
(802.1Q compatibility enables you to assign each switch port to multiple
VLANs, if needed, and the port-based nature of the configuration allows
interoperation with older switches that require a separate port for each
General Use and Operation. Port-based VLANs are typically used to
reduce broadcast traffic and to increase security. A group of network users
assigned to a VLAN forms a broadcast domain that is separate from other
VLANs that may be configured on a switch. On a given switch, packets are
forwarded only between ports that belong to the same VLAN. Thus, all ports
carrying traffic for a particular subnet address should be configured to the
same VLAN. Cross-domain broadcast traffic in the switch is eliminated and
Static Virtual LANs (VLANs)
Port-Based Virtual LANs (Static VLANs)
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See the chapter on GVRP in this


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