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HP ProCurve Series 2810 Management And Configuration Manual Page 129

Procurve series 2810 switches.
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ProCurve(config)# show spanning-tree bpdu-protection a1
Status and Counters - STP BPDU Protection Information
BPDU Protection Timeout (sec) : 0
Protected Ports : A1
Port Type
---- ------------ ------------- -------------- ---------------
Figure 5-8. Example of Show Spanning Tree BPDU Protection Command
ProCurve(config)# show configuration
. . .
spanning-tree A1 bpdu-protection
spanning-tree C7 bpdu-protection
spanning-tree Trk2 priority 4
. . .
Figure 5-9. Example of BPDU Filters in the Show Configuration Command
The following steps will then be set in process:
When an STP BPDU packet is received on ports 1-10, STP treats it as an
unauthorized transmission attempt and shuts down the port that the
BPDU came in on.
An event message is logged and an SNMP notification trap is generated.
The port remains disabled until re-enabled manually by a network admin-
istrator using the interface <port-list> enable command.
To re-enable the bpdu-protected ports automatically, configure a timeout
period using the spanning-tree bpdu-protection-timeout command.
Viewing BPDU Protection Status. The show spanning-tree bpdu-protection
command displays a summary listing of ports with BPDU protection enabled.
To display detailed per port status information, enter the specific port
number(s) as shown in figure 5-4 below.
Bpdu Error
BPDU protected ports are displayed as separate entries of the spanning tree
category within the configuration file.
Multiple Instance Spanning-Tree Operation
802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
Errant BPDUs
Rows showing ports with BPDU protection enabled
Specifying the port displays
additional status information
for the designated ports.


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