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Installing The Device - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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CRB-631 - Installation

9.2 Installing the device

If you do not have sufficient knowledge to install the radio yourself, consult an expert.
Please note that any resulting costs will not be borne by JNC.
Always observe the following safety instructions for connection of the device:
 Read the entire installation section before connecting the device.
 Disconnect the negative pole of the vehicle battery for the duration of the installation.
 Observe the vehicle manufacturer's safety instructions during installation.
 The cross-section of the positive and negative cables must not be less than 2.5mm².
 Do not connect any of the vehicle's plugs and cables to the radio unless you have
the necessary specialised knowledge!
 Depending on the design of your vehicle, installation may deviate from this
 JNC does not assume any liability for damage caused by faulty installation or
connection or for any resulting damage.
 The device must be fitted in a horizontal position at an angle of less than 30°.
 Before fitting the radio remove both transport screws on the top of the device
(attached with a red information label).
Place the installation frame into the 1-DIN installation slot in the dashboard
(Fig. 1).
Bend the securing tabs for fixing the installation frame outwards with a
Screw the M5 bolt into the corresponding thread on the rear of the car radio.
Check the electrical connections as described above (either ISO connection or
single wires).
Fig. 1
Fig. 2

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Table of Contents