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Sd Card Slot; Record Function - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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CRB-631 - SD card slot and USB socket

12.2 SD card slot

The device can play MP3/WMA tracks stored on an SD card, an SDHC card or an
MMC card which is inserted in the SD card slot (cards with a memory of up to 8 GB are
supported). The SD card symbol is then shown on the display.
The tracks are controlled in the same way as an inserted CD (CD mode).
 It can sometimes take several seconds for the device to read the data of a card.
If the device returns to TUNER mode when the Mode button (17) is pressed and
the SD card is selected, this means that it was not yet possible to read the data
on the card. Wait for several seconds before pressing the Mode button (17)
again and selecting the SD card.

12.3 Record function

The record function is used to record from the tuner and CDs as well as from AUX IN
by simple selection with the Mode button (17).
Insert an SD-/SDHC card (refer to SD card slot) and/or a USB stick (refer to USB
If neither a USB stick nor a memory card is connected, the message "NO MEDIA"
appears on the display when the record function is selected.
Record mode
If the button (0/DISP) (22) is pressed for longer than 2 seconds when a CD is being
played, the record menu is opened.
The following appears on the display:
→MMC ALL (All tracks on the card) →USB ALL (All tracks on the USB stick) →MMC
ONE (Current track on the card) →USB ONE (Current track on the USB stick)
If only a SD card is inserted, only the card messages are shown. If only a USB stick is
connected, only the USB messages are shown. ALL means that all tracks of the CD
are recorded. ONE means that the current track is recorded.
If the button (0/DISP) (22) is pressed in AUX or TUNER mode for longer than 2
seconds, the message "REC MMC" (Record card) or "REC USB" (Record USB) is

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Table of Contents