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Disposal - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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Bear in mind that this consumer electronic device is subject to the Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) 2002/96/EC regarding the reduction of
electronic waste.
Disposal of the device
Disposal of the
Disposal of the battery
 It is therefore not permitted to dispose of this device
with normal household waste.
 Information and advice regarding the disposal of old
devices can be obtained from your local authority, the
waste disposal authorities or the retailer from which
you purchased this product.
 You can dispose of your device free of charge at
municipal collection points.
 By disposing of old devices correctly you prevent
environmental damage and do not endanger your
 The packaging for this product consists of 100%
environmentally friendly materials that can be
disposed of via your local recycling facilities.
The remote control contains a lithium battery.
 Information on correct disposal of batteries can be
obtained from the competent department of your
local municipal authority, the local waste disposal
company or the shop in which you bought them.
Batteries should not be disposed of with household
waste. Batteries and rechargeable batteries must be
returned to retail outlets or disposed of at a municipal
collection point.
Disposal - CRB-631

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