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Bluetooth Function; Pairing The Devices - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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CRB-631 - Bluetooth function

13 Bluetooth function

The car radio is equipped with a Bluetooth function. You can use this function to
connect your mobile phone to the car radio and control all functions from the car radio.
You can listen to the caller on the car speakers and use the external microphone
without needing your hands. You can use the integrated dialling buttons on the
operating panel of the car radio to dial a number directly without having to use your
mobile phone while driving.

13.1 Pairing the devices

Start searching for a new Bluetooth device as described in the manual of your mobile
As soon as your phone finds "CAR RADIO", select "CAR RADIO", enter the code
"0000" and confirm with OK. Then enter the code on your mobile phone and confirm to
finish pairing.
The mobile phone is then paired with the car radio. To connect both devices confirm
pairing on your mobile phone. When the Bluetooth connection has been established
between your mobile phone and the car radio, the BTI icon
 The first time you use Bluetooth with your mobile phone and the car radio, you
have to pair the devices. When the devices have been paired once, it is not
necessary to repeat this procedure unless the car radio is fully disconnected
from the power supply.
The meaning of the Bluetooth BTI icon " " shown on the display
Flashes slowly (every 5 seconds): Standby
Flashes quickly (once per second): Connecting
Symbol on: Connected.
1. Set "My phone's visibility" to "Show to all".
2. Confirm the setting with "Yes".
 This device supports most mobile phones with a Bluetooth function such as
ERICSSON, SAGEM etc. Please refer to your mobile phone's user manual for
Bluetooth setup and operation.
Auto Connect
When the car radio is switched on, a connection is automatically made to the last
is on or flashes on the

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