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General Information; Additional Information - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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 This radio may only be connected to high-performance speakers with a minimum
rating of 30 W and impedance ranging from 4 to 8 ohm. If speakers with a different
rating or impedance values are connected, the speakers can catch fire, start to
smoke or suffer damage.
 When the power of this device is switched on, a control signal is output on the blue
wire. Connect this to the remote control connection of the external power amplifier or
the control relay of the car antenna (maximum of 300 mA 12 V). If the vehicle is
equipped with a screen antenna, this wire is connected to the supply terminal of the
antenna amplifier.
 If the system is run with an external power amplifier, the blue wire should never be
connected to the supply terminal of the power amplifier. Also never connect the wire
to the supply terminal of the automatic antenna. Such a connection can cause
considerable power losses and malfunctions.
 To prevent short circuits, all disconnected wires should always be wrapped with
insulation tape. In particular the supply cables of speakers which are not in use
should always be insulated with tape, as there is the risk of short circuits if the cables
are not insulated.

6.2 General information

 Dirt or condensate on the lenses inside the device can prevent playback.
 Never expose the device to direct sunlight, high dust concentrations, high
temperatures (above 60 °C) or a high air humidity (higher than 90 %). If the case
temperature is too high, cool the interior of the vehicle with the ventilation or air
conditioning system.
 Do not switch the device on and off in quick succession. After switching the device
off, wait for at least 10 seconds before switching it on again.
 Do not insert scratched, bent or broken CDs into the CD player. Never force a CD
into the device if it is not drawn in automatically.

6.3 Additional information

 Playback of CDs which have been burned on a PC with the right format is generally
possible. It is, however, possible that the application software, the ambient settings or
other factors prevent playback (contact the software vendor for details.)
 CD extra discs can be played back just like audio CDs.
 Tracks recorded on CD-R/CD-RW discs (ID3TAG) and other text information
recorded on CD-R/CD-RW discs (ID3TAG) can be played back on this device.
 If you play an CD-RW disc on this device, the time it takes for playback to start is
longer than for a conventional CD or a CD-R disc. Before using CD-R/CD-RW discs
always read the applicable operating instructions.
 It is possible that not all functions are fully available when using some USB storage
Important safety information - CRB-631

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