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CRB-631 - Glossary

19 Glossary

PTY (Programme type)
Many radio stations send signals which identify the type of programme they are
broadcasting. You can therefore select a programme type on your radio and the device
will search for a station with this programme. The following programme types can be
selected: Speech, News, Current Affairs, Information, Sport, Education, Drama,
Culture, Science, Varied Speech (Quizzes/Comedy), Pop Music, Rock Music,
M.O.R.M. Easy Listening, Classical, Other Music Types, Weather, Finance, Children,
Social, Religion, Phone in, Travel, Leisure, Jazz, Country, National, Oldies, Folk Music
and Documentations.
RDS (Radio Data System)
The RDS enables best possible use of your RDS-equipped radio device. The RDS
enables stations to send data which help you use your radio (e.g. short messages,
programme information, weather reports, general information, traffic news, music tracks
or phone numbers at which the station can be contacted etc.). RDS information is sent
by a large number of stations which broadcast on FM.
AF (Alternative frequencies)
The radio contains information on the frequencies of the nearest stations. This enables
it to use the strongest FM signal of the selected station. This is particularly useful and
convenient for you as a driver, as it is not necessary to readjust the radio when
travelling through the different transmission areas.
REG (Regional mode)
Many local stations only have a few frequencies and their transmission area is limited.
Several local stations have networked their stations which are spread over the entire
transmission area so that your radio can switch to another transmission point of the
same station if the signal becomes weak. If you wish to continue listening to the same
station irrespective of the strength and quality of the signal, leave the REG function
switched on as described on the previous pages.
TA and TP (Traffic Announcement and Traffic Programme)
If a local station broadcasts traffic announcements, the radio receives a corresponding
signal. This information can also be used without having to listen to the entire
programme of this station. If a traffic announcement is made, the radio automatically
interrupts the operation of the functions AUX / CD / USB / SD, transmits the
announcement and shows TRAFFIC on the display. After the announcement the device
returns to the previous mode, i.e. it switches over to AUX, CD, USB or SD.
EON (Enhanced Other Networks)
Your car radio is equipped with the EON (Enhanced Other Networks) function. It can
therefore switch over from a national station (e.g. RADIO ONE) to the traffic

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents