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Installation; Installing The Device - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio


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8.1 Installing the device

Please observe the following safety instructions for the connection of the device:
Read the entire installation section before connecting the device.
Disconnect the negative pole of the vehicle battery for the duration of the installation.
Observe the safety instructions by the vehicle manufacturer during this task.
If you need to drill holes for the installation, make sure that no parts of the vehicle are
The cross section of the positive and negative cable may not be less than 2.5 mm².
Do not connect any of the vehicle's plugs and cables to the radio unless you have the
appropriate specialised knowledge of this process!
Only use the supplied cable to connect the device.
Depending on the build of your vehicle, the installation may deviate from this description.
We do not assume any liability for damages caused by faulty installations or connections,
nor any subsequent damages.
We recommend that you have the device installed by a specialised company. Then you will
have created the prerequisites for a problem-free functioning of the device. If at any point
during the installation you are unsure that you can correctly connect the device by yourself,
contact a specialist. A faulty installation may cause damages to the device and the vehicle


Table of Contents

Table of Contents