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Disp Button (Display Information); Loading And Ejecting A Cd - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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11.5 DISP button (Display information)

You can navigate through the available display information by pressing the DISP button
In TUNER mode the default setting is the station name, and if this is not available, the
frequency is shown.
The sequence is:
→ Clock → PTY → Station name → Frequency

11.6 Loading and ejecting a CD

Insert one CD with the label side facing upwards and ensure that you do not touch the
data side with your fingers.
To open the operating panel press the corresponding button (OPEN). You can then
insert or eject a CD.
If there is still a CD in the device, first press the EJECT button.
Insert the CD carefully into the device without using force. It is automatically drawn
inside. As soon as the CD is loaded in the device, you can close the operating panel.
The device automatically reads a CD as soon as it is inserted. This takes a few
seconds and the device then starts playback of the CD.
 If the device is in standby mode and a CD is either loaded or ejected, the device
automatically switches on.
Basic functions - CRB-631

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