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Preliminary Notes; Copyright; Manufacturer's Information - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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Table of Contents
CRB-631 - Preliminary notes

Preliminary notes

Thank you for selecting our Bluetooth car radio SilverCrest CRB-631. In order for you
to use this device and all its features to their full advantage, we recommend that you
read the instructions in this guide before using it for the first time, even if you are
familiar with handling electronic devices. Please pay particular attention to the chapter
Important safety information. Store this guide in a safe place for future reference. If
you sell or transfer this device, always include this user guide.
We recommend keeping this guide in the glove compartment of your car. It is the most
important reference for handling the device.
For all product descriptions and user instructions, the German version is the ultimately
valid reference in the event of possible deviations in other languages.
The device should preferably be installed by an experienced person. Inexperienced
persons should consult an expert.


The contents of this guide may not be reproduced, copied or otherwise duplicated in
electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or any other form without
the permission of our company, nor may they be stored in a search engine or
translated into another language.

Manufacturer's information

JNC Datum Tech GmbH
Benzstrasse 33
71083 Herrenberg
Version: 1.0
Date of issue: 12.02.2010
Further information can be found at:

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Table of Contents