Call Waiting - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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 Please note that the voice dialling function is only available if it is supported by
your mobile phone.
 The voice dialling function must be activated and set up on your mobile phone.
Voice dialling may need configuring on some mobile phones before it can be
used. Read the user manual of your mobile phone for more information.
Press the T-MENU button (16) for 2 seconds. The connected mobile phone then starts
voice dialling ("Voice DL" appears on the display).
Speak the name of the person you wish to call loudly and clearly and the device starts
dialling the corresponding number (if it was understood correctly). Press the T-MENU
button (16) briefly to cancel dialling.
 Please note that some mobile phones may offer a selection of various names if
your voice command is not clearly assigned.
Call transferring (from the hands-free system to the mobile phone)
During a call press the green call button
from the hands-free system to the mobile phone.
Press the green call button
Delete paired phone
To delete a paired phone, briefly press the T-MENU button (16) in standby mode (when
no mobile phone is connected to the car radio via Bluetooth). "DEL PAIR" is shown on
the display.
Press the T-MENU button (16) again briefly to delete all paired mobile phones.

Call waiting

If a second call arrives while you are talking, you can accept this call by pressing the
green call button briefly
Press the Mode button (17) to switch between both callers.
Press the red reject/hang up button
If for 8 seconds no button is pressed, a second caller is put on hold. Press the Mode
button (17) to switch between both callers.
Bluetooth function - CRB-631
(10) for two seconds to transfer the call
(10) again to resume hands-free mode.
(12) to reject the second call.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents