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As/Ps Button (Auto Store/Preset Scan) - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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11.4 AS/PS button (Auto Store/Preset Scan)

In TUNER mode:
It is possible to control two different functions by pressing the AS/PS button (21) either
briefly or for longer than two seconds.
Press briefly
All stations saved on the preset buttons in the selected frequency band are scanned.
The preset stations are switched on for a short time (5 seconds). This procedure is
cancelled by pressing any button.
Press and hold (longer than 2 seconds)
Automatic station search is started by pressing the button for longer than 2 seconds.
The device then searches for stations in the selected frequency range and saves the
six stations with the strongest signal in the preset station memory.
The search is cancelled automatically when the end of the frequency range has been
reached, six stations are saved or if the AS/PS button (21) is pressed again.
In CD/MP3/SD/USB mode:
The search function is activated by pressing the AS/PS button (21).
Press the button again to select the following search criteria:
Track number search
If the track number search is selected, three digits "001- - - - -" are shown on the
Tune up button (
button (
Select button (SEL) (15)
Band button (24)
 If the track cannot be found, the last track is played again and the search
function is cancelled.
) (13) / Tune down
Basic functions - CRB-631
Select the number of the track.
Confirm the selected number.
The track with the entered number is

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