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Telephone Functions (Bluetooth Menu) - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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CRB-631 - Bluetooth function

13.2 Telephone functions (Bluetooth menu)

Press the green call button
(12) to reject or finish a call.
When the car radio is paired and connected with a mobile phone, press the T-MENU
button (16) to open the telephone menu. This menu features several options.
One of the following functions can be selected from the following sequence with the
plus (+) and minus (-) (9) buttons:
Press the T-MENU button (16) again to open the selected menu.
 D-Dial is the direct dial menu.
 Call List is the list of the last dialled numbers.
 L-Dial is used to redial the last number.
 The call list and the redial numbers are only available if numbers have been
Direct dial (D-DIAL)
In the direct dial menu (D-Dial appears on the display), numbers can be entered
directly with the numeric buttons 0 – 9. Use the buttons # (24) or  (21) (for any
entries) during the call.
If you enter a wrong digit, press the T-MENU button (16) to delete the last digit.
After entering a number manually, it can be dialled by pressing the green call button
(10) .
List of last dialled numbers (CALL LIST)
After selecting the call list (CALL LIST appears on the display), briefly press the T-
MENU button (16) to open the menu.
The previously dialled numbers appear on the display. Navigate through the list with
the plus (+) or minus (-) (9) buttons.
Press the green call button
MENU button (16) again to exit the menu and return to the previous mode.
Redialling the last number (L-DIAL)
After selecting this menu ("L-DIAL" appears on the display), press the T-MENU button
(16) briefly to open the menu ("REDIAL" appears on the display). Press the green call
(10) to redial the last number dialled.
Voice dialling
Voice dialling can be used to dial a phone number by speaking a command.
(10) to accept a call. Press the red reject/hang up
(10) to dial the displayed number. Press the T-

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