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Important Safety Information - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Important safety information

Please read and strictly observe the following
This user guide occasionally contains special highlighted notes. These vary as follows:
Notes contain special information on
economical use
 The device contains an integrated class 1 laser
(CD drive). This is installed at an inaccessible
location in the device and does not constitute a
health hazard.
 Do not take the car radio apart, make any modifications or attempt to repair it
 Never open the case of the car radio; it does not contain any serviceable parts! If the
case is open, there is a risk of fatality due to electric shock.
 The car radio and the accompanying components should never be exposed to
dripping or splashing water. Make sure that no containers filled with liquid, such as
bottles or cups, are placed in the vicinity of the device.
 Make sure that the display is not subjected to any knocks. These could damage the
 Make sure you are familiar with the different functions of your device before you start
driving. Excessively high volumes can pose a risk for you and other road users.
Therefore always set the volume to a level at which ambient noises (horns, sirens
etc) can still be heard.
 Multimedia CDs also include data files in addition to audio files. If you play such a CD
in spite of the warnings, loud noises can occur at a volume level which can constitute
a traffic hazard. In addition, power amplifiers and speakers can also be damaged as
a result.
 Do not use the car radio at an excessively high volume. This can damage your
 Only make any adjustments to the settings when your vehicle is parked. Your
concentration might otherwise be negatively affected by the changes.
Important safety information - CRB-631
Notes marked with the word CAUTION or
the symbol
draw your attention to
potential damage to equipment or the

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Table of Contents