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Drive Pulley And Cam Removal; Brake Disassembly - Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual

Top load washer
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Table of Contents
Disassembly Procedures
4. Remove screws retaining the Tub Seal.

Drive Pulley and Cam Removal

The Drive Pulley and Cam are located below the Brake
assembly on the drive shaft. A Washer and Retaining
Ring secure the Pulley and Cam on the drive shaft. A
plastic Dust Cap snaps to the underside of the Pulley to
keep the Cam surfaces clean. These components can
be removed by tipping the Washer back to access
bottom side of unit.
1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Remove (pry off) Dust Cap from under side of pulley.
3. Remove Retaining Ring and Washer from end of
drive shaft.
4. Firmly pull Lower Cam off of the drive shaft splines,
then slide the other parts off of the shaft.
Models are equipped with a plastic Drive Pulley which has
the upper Cam molded onto the bottom of the Hub. The
purpose of the Pulley and Cam arrangement is to drive the
Clutch assembly during the agitate and spin cycle, and to
disengage the Brake assembly during the spin cycle.
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To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death,
disconnect power to unit before servicing.
The Drive Pulley slips over the drive shaft and rests
against a series of Washers, a Thrust Bearing, and a
large washer type Spacer. The Spacer locates against
the bottom of the Brake Rotor and Lining assembly. The
Lower Cam slips over the end of the drive shaft where
splines formed in the Cam engage with mating splines
on the drive shaft end. This imparts a direct drive from
the Cam to the drive shaft. A shoulder molded on the
bottom of the Pulley hub engages "dogs" formed on the
sides of the Lower Cam, and will drive it and the drive
shaft in either direction.

Brake Disassembly

The Brake assembly is located inside the domed area of
the Suspension Housing and consists of the following
components: Brake Spring Retainer, Brake Spring, Rotor
and Lining assembly, and the Brake Stator.
The brake assembly has a
compressive spring force of approximately
200 pounds. Use Brake Removal Tool
LA-2004 or 12002012.
1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Remove Transmission Assembly from Washer, see
"Agitator/Spinner/Outer Tub/Transmission Removal"
3. Remove the Drive Pulley and Cam components, see
"Drive Pulley and Cam Removal" procedure.
4. Pull out and remove "U" retainer from Brake Removal
5. Slip the splined end of the drive shaft into hole
located in the tool inner plunger.
6. Looking at the side of the tool, align slots on tool
barrel and holes in tool plunger between splines and
chamfered shoulder of shaft.
7. Slip "U" retainer through tool slots and holes
capturing the drive shaft behind the chamfered
NOTE:Be sure "U" retainer is completely through both
sides of tool.
8. Tighten tool nut to compress Brake Spring until
Transmission turns freely.
9. Remove the six (6) screws which secure the Brake
Stator and Snubber to the underside of the
Suspension Housing.
10.Loosen tool nut until the Brake Spring reaches its free
11. Remove "U" retainer from tool and remove tool from
drive shaft.
12. Remove Brake components.
NOTE: Be sure not to get any grease on Brake Snubber,
Stater, or Brake Lining.
©2005 Maytag Services

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Table of Contents

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