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Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual page 5

Top load washer
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Table of Contents
Important Safety Information
To avoid personal injury or death from improper servicing,
make sure you read and understand the descriptions and
meaning of various safety symbols, words and labels
used in this manual, before attempting any procedures
described in the manual. Failure to understand and
comply with safety information may result in severe
personal injury or death.
General Information
This Service Manual describes the operation,
disassembly, troubleshooting, and repair of the washer. It
is intended for use by authorized technicians who
troubleshoot and repair these units.
NOTE: It is assumed that users of this manual are
familiar with the use of tools and equipment used
to troubleshoot and repair electrical, and
mechanical systems; and understand the
terminology used to describe and discuss them.
Related Publications
This is a base service manual, covering a range of similar
models. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the
Parts Manual and Technical Sheet covering the specific
model being serviced.
Electrical Service Information
Proper Grounding and Polarization of
120 Volts Wall Outlets
For the safety of our customers and the Service
Technician, ALL appliances have a three–prong power
cord and MUST be connected to a properly polarized AND
grounded wall outlet.
This information was written for those who do not
understand grounding and polarization of a wall outlet.
A 120 volt wall outlet must always be wired as shown
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About Ground Wires
In the event of an electrical short circuit, a ground wire
reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape
wire for the electric current.
Standard accepted color coding for ground wires is green
or green with a yellow stripe.
Grounding wires and wires colored like grounding wires
are NOT to be used as current carrying conductors.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, serious injury
or death, all wiring and grounding must conform with
the latest edition of the National Electric Code, ANSI/
NFPA 70, or the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA
C22.1, and such local regulations as might apply. It is
the customer's responsibility to have the wiring and
fuses checked by a qualified electrician to make sure
your home has adequate electrical power to operate
the washer.
To avoid risk of personal injury or death due to
electrical shock:
• Observe all local codes and ordinances.
• Disconnect electrical power to unit before servicing.
• Ground appliance properly.
• Check with a qualified electrician if you are not sure
this appliance is properly grounded.
• DO NOT ground to gas line.
• DO NOT ground to cold water pipe if pipe is
interrupted by plastic, nonmetallic gaskets, or other
insulating (nonconducting) materials.
• DO NOT modify plug on power cord. If plug does not
fit electrical outlet, have proper outlet installed
by qualified electrician.
• DO NOT have a fuse in the neutral or ground circuit.
A fuse in the neutral or ground circuit could result in
an electrical shock.
• DO NOT use an extension cord with this appliance.
• DO NOT use an adapter plug with this appliance.
• DO NOT pinch power cord.

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Table of Contents

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