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Drive Pulley And Cams - Maytag Performa DLW231 Series Service Manual

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The drive pulley and cam is located below
the brake assembly on the drive shaft.
Models are equipped with a plastic drive
pulley which has the upper cam molded
onto the bottom of the hub. The purpose
of the pulley and cam arrangement is to
drive the clutch assembly during the
agitate and spin cycle, and to disengage
the brake assembly during the spin cycle.
The drive pulley slips over the drive shaft
and rests against a series of washers, a
thrust bearing, and a large washer type
spacer. The spacer locates against the
bottom of the brake rotor and lining
assembly. (See the illustration on
page 6-6.)
The lower cam slips over the end of the
drive shaft where splines formed in the
cam engage with mating splines on the
drive shaft end. This imparts a direct
drive from the cam to the drive shaft.
A shoulder molded on the bottom of the
pulley hub engages "dogs" formed on the
sides of the lower cam, and will drive it
and the drive shaft in either direction.
A washer and retaining ring secure the
pulley and cam on the drive shaft. A
plastic dust cap snaps to the underside
of the pulley to keep the cam surfaces
When the drive pulley rotates CLOCK-
WISE, the upper and lower cams are
designed to nest together which allows
the drive pulley to remain in position on
the drive shaft. The break remains en-
gaged and the drive pulley will turn the
lower cam and drive the shaft to cause
the transmission to agitate.
When the drive pulley rotates COUNTER-
CLOCKWISE, the upper cam and pulley
ride up the lower cam approximately 3/16
of an inch before the driving shoulders on
the pulley hub engage the "dogs" on the
lower cam.
This causes the top of the pulley hub to
push against the spacer which com-
presses the brake spring and lifts the
brake rotor and lining assembly off the
brake stator. The brake is disengaged
and the pulley will turn the lower cam
and drive shaft to cause the transmission
to spin.
© 2004 Maytag Services

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