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Tub Seal Replacement; Spin Bearing Replacement; Oil Seal Replacement; Snubber/Brake Assembly - Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual

Top load washer
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Table of Contents
Disassembly Procedures

Tub Seal Replacement

1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Remove Tub Seal, see "Tub Seal/Transmission
Disassembly" procedure.
3. Make sure both mating surfaces on Transmission
shaft are free of foreign matter, then clean both
surfaces with an alcohol saturated cloth.
4. Apply a thin layer of grease to the locations indicated
in the following images to Seal Nut and Triple Lip
Seal before installing. Insure that no grease gets on
Snubber, Stater, or Brake Lining.
NOTE: Do not use any agent other than alcohol to clean
the mating surface. Do not use any lubricant other than
Silicone Grease, part number 203959.
Apply grease to location indicated with arrow on Triple Lip
Apply grease to locations indicated with arrows on Seal

Spin Bearing Replacement

1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Press the Spin Bearing out of the cavity from the
opposite side of the housing.
3. When installing the replacement bearing into the
housing cavity, be sure to press against the outer
race of the bearing to avoid damage to the bearing
shield and causing premature failure.
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To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death,
disconnect power to unit before servicing.

Oil Seal Replacement

The Oil Seal is located in the spline end of the drive tube.
The Oil Seal can be replaced without removing or
disassembling the Transmission.
1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Tip Washer back to access bottom side and remove
Drive Belt, Dust Cap, Retaining Ring, Washer, Cam,
Drive Pulley, Thrust Bearing and Spacer, see "Drive
Pully and Cam Removal" procedure.
3. Remove the Brake assembly to access the Oil Seal,
see "Brake Disassembly" procedure.
4. Use a thin, flat bladed screwdriver to carefully pry the
old Oil Seal out.
5. Place the drive washer (tool number 14242) and the
new Oil Seal over the seal protector.
6. Remove the cone-shaped end from the seal protector
tool and slide the tool, drive washer, and new Oil Seal
over the drive shaft up to the seal cavity.
7. Slide the Transmission seal driver (tool number
14242) over the drive shaft until it makes contact with
the drive washer. Use the impact sleeve of the tool to
"tap" the Oil Seal into the end of the drive tube.

Snubber/Brake Assembly

1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Apply a small amount of grease to the splines of the
Drive Tube and Rotor.

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Table of Contents

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