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Special Features - Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual

Top load washer
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Special Features

Liquid Bleach Dispenser
The dispenser automatically dilutes liquid chlorine
bleach before it reaches your wash load.
To use, follow these steps:
1. Measure liquid chlorine bleach carefully, following
the instructions on the bottle.
2. Pour liquid chlorine bleach into bleach
dispenser before adding the load. Avoid
splashing or over-filling the dispenser.
• Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach
directly onto the load or into the wash tub. It is a
powerful chemical and can cause fabric damage,
such as tearing or color loss, if not used properly.
• If you prefer to use color-safe, non-chlorine
bleach, pour it into the wash tub with your
detergent. Do not pour non-chlorine bleaches into
the bleach dispenser.
Liquid Dispenser
The dispenser may be used for fabric softener with
most cycles or liquid detergent with the SOAK cycle
(select models). The liquid dispenser should be
cleaned before and after each use of liquid detergent.
The dispenser automatically releases the liquid at the
proper time during the cycle.
To use, follow these steps:
1. Pour a measured amount of desired liquid into
the dispenser to fill line only.
2. If liquid comes below line, add warm water.
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(select models)
If it is necessary to clean the dispenser:
1. Pull the dispenser off of the top of the agitator.
2. Soak for one hour (in sink or container) in hot
water and dishwashing liquid.
3. Hold hands over top and bottom of dispenser and
shake to loosen buildup.
4. Rinse with clean, hot water.
5. Repeat process if necessary.
6. Replace dispenser on agitator.
Do not use dishwashing liquid inside the washer.
Oversudsing can occur.
SOAK Cycle
(select models)
This cycle eliminates the inconvenience of soaking
stained loads before they are placed in the washer.
To use, follow these steps:
1. Add liquid or granular detergent to the washtub.
2. Add the load.
3. Add liquid detergent only to the Liquid Dispenser
in the top of the agitator.
4. Set the control dial to Start in the SOAK Cycle.
The load will soak for 30 minutes with brief periods of
agitation. The water is then spun out and clean wash
water is added along with the liquid detergent for a
16-minute wash cycle.
Safety Spin
If for any reason you open the washer lid when the
washer is in a spin or extract period, the operation will
immediately stop. This is for your personal safety. If
your washer does not stop, call your service technician
immediately. When the lid is closed, the operation will
automatically resume.
Finger Faucet
(select models)
Provides a flow of water when holding the
switch in the On position.

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Table of Contents

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