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Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual page 12

Top load washer
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Troubleshooting Procedures
Due to possibility of personal injury or property damage, always contact an authorized technician for servicing or
repair of this unit.
All safety information must be followed as provided in the Service Manual.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death, disconnect power to unit before servicing.
All manuals and user guides at
Press the Cycle Selection Knob to activate
the test for the rotary switches. The test
begins with the rotary switch imediately to
the left of the Cycle Selection Knob.
Rotate the switch in either direction. The
LED's illuminate around the bottom of the
Cycle Selection Knob for each switch
NOTE: Any attempt to move a knob or
switch other than the one being
tested results in a chirp sound.
Press the Cycle Selection Knob. The test
continues with the switch immediately to
the left of the previous switch tested.
Repeat rotating the switch and monitoring
the LED's around the bottom of the Cycle
Selection Knob. Continue pressing the
Cycle Selection Knob for each switch
tested right to left untill all rotary switches
are tested.
NOTE: The Water Level Switch is not
included in this test.
After the last rotary switch is tested the
next time the Cycle Selection Knob is
pressed the test will continue with the
rocker switches. Continue pressing
the Cycle Selection Knob and testing
switches until the last switch is tested.
When all switches have been tested
the "Complete" LED will illuminate.
Enter Service Mode then set Cycle Selection Knob to
"Regular" and press knob.
• Fill and Wash LED's illuminate. Hot water fill.
• Press knob Fill and Rinse LED's illuminate. Cold
water fill.
• Press knob Fill, Wash, and Rinse LED's illuminate.
Selected wash temperature fill.
• Press knob Wash LED illuminates. Slow agitation.
• Press knob Wash LED blinking. Fast agitation.
• Press knob Spin LED illuminates. Slow spin.
• Press knob Spin LED blinking. Fast spin.
• Press Knob Complete LED illuminates.
• Press knob exit back to Service Mode.
NOTE: Fills are skipped if Pressure Switch is satisfied.
Press knob until Pause LED begins blinking
to pause cycle.
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Table of Contents

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