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Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual page 63

Top load washer
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Operating Tips
Additional Tips
• During the spin, it is possible for the load to become
unevenly distributed in the tub. If this happens, push
in the control dial, open the lid, redistribute the load,
close the lid and restart the washer. The spin will
resume at the point it was interrupted.
• The washer will pause briefly throughout each cycle.
These pauses are normal.
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• This washer is designed so that it will not agitate or
spin when the lid is open. It will, however, fill with the
lid open so water is available for pretreating stains or
diluting fabric softener.
• If you open the lid during a spin cycle, the washer
will stop. When the lid is closed and the washer is
restarted, the washer will continue the cycle at the
point it was interrupted.

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Table of Contents

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