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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting General Symptoms; Troubleshooting (Electronic Controls) - Maytag AAV4000AW Series Service Manual

Top load washer
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Table of Contents
Troubleshooting Procedures
Due to possibility of personal injury or property damage, always contact an authorized technician for servicing or
repair of this unit.
All safety information must be followed as provided in the Service Manual.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death, disconnect power to unit before servicing.
Noisy and/or Vibration/Walking
Check for proper installation and leveling of unit.
Legs properly adjusted and locked with no damage.
Stabilizer rear legs secure and locking properly (not
Pads on feet of leveling legs.
Solid and secure flooring.
Check condition of belt.
Check transmission pulley for correct Thrust Bearing
Check transmission for spin bearing noise.
Check center tub seal.
Check agitator for correct installation.
Check the suspension springs are properly installed
and lubricated.
Check for loose screws on the cabinet.
Check base is flat against floor.
Over Fill
Check water pressure to washer is 20 PSI minimum.
Disconnect power cord. Replace Water Valve if it
continues to flow.
Check Pressure Switch for proper operation.
Check Pressure Switch air hose for leaks damage or
Finger Faucet
Faucet will not operate with washer set to Hot/Cold.
Wrong Water Temperature
Run the Service Cycle to verify water temperatures.
Check that both faucets are turned on fully.
Make sure water heater is set to deliver a minimum
of 120°F (49°C) hot water at the tap. Also check
water heater capacity and recovery rate.
If the water heater is located a long distance from
washer, the water line may need to be purged prior
to starting wash cycle.
Check for reversed inlet hoses at the faucet or water
Check wiring at the Water Valve, Timer, and ATC.
Will Not Spin/Spin Speed Too Slow
Check power supply to washer is between 108V to
132V with a load on the circuit.
Check slow spin speed is not selected.
Refer to Service Cycle and check spin speeds.
Check condition of drive belt.
Check drain system in the home is functioning
Check for blocked or kinked drain hose.
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Check for binding Tub Seal.
Check brake is disengaging properly.
Check between tubs for something contacting
Check for proper adjustment of the Thrust Bearing.
Check for broken impeller on Drain Pump.
Perform Torque Test.
When washer passes all checks place a one pound
unbalance weight in washer and check for 600 RPM.
If washer fails check brake and cam adjustments.
Replace Transmission if brake and cam adjustments
are ok.
Will Not Run or Start
Plug cord into live electrical outlet. Check for proper
Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.
Check water supply is working.
Check water valve connections are good.
Check the line filter and water valve filter.
Check if Lid Switch is functional. Lid must be closed
before washer will operate.
Check Control Board is operating properly.
Check drive motor is operating properly.
Check for a blown thermal fuse.
Check for obstructions in Drain Pump.
Turn transmission pulley by hand. If locked in
agitation direction, replace transmission.
Power supply to washer is between 108V and 132V
during a load on circuit.
No Water Fill
Check to make sure water supply is turned on fully.
Check electrical circuit and connections at the Water
Valve, and Pressure Switch.
Check for kinks in inlet hoses.
Check for clogged inlet screens.
Check Water Valves separately for fill.
Check for low water pressure. May be dependent on
pressure entering home. Variations may occur due
to usage in the home at the time machine is used.
Check for frozen pipes and hoses.
Check resistance of Water Valve coils.
Check for loose connections at the Pressure Switch
or on the Machine Control Board
Will Not Drain
Check for restricted drain system.
In cold climates check for frozen drain hose.
Check tub to pump hose for twist in hose.

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Table of Contents

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