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Tub Pulley Removal; Tub Removal - Maytag MAH2440AW series Service

24” intl front load washer
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Disassembly Procedures
5. Remove Motor wiring connector and ground wires.
6. Remove 2 1/2" Motor mounting bolts. Bolt torque is
10.8-18.1 ft. lbs.
7. Swing Motor down and to the left to remove.

Tub Pulley Removal

1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Remove Back Cover.
3. Remove Belt.
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16026119 Rev. 0
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or
death; disconnect power to unit before servicing.
4. Insert a 3/8" drive extension into hole in bearing cover
to lock pulley from rotating.
5. Loosen bolt retaining pulley. Bolt torque is 21.7-28.9
ft. lbs.

Tub Removal

1. Disconnect power supply to unit.
2. Remove Top Cover.
3. Remove Back Cover.
4. Disconnect and remove Drive Motor and belt.
5. Disconnect Drain Pump hose and wiring.
6. Remove Front Panel.
7. Remove wire harness and hose from Pressure
Switch. Remove the Pressure Hose from tub bottom.
8. Remove Console mounting bracket.



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