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Selecting Sd/Mmc As A Program Source - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio


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will remain in the STOP mode of the CD/DVD playback.
Never use force when inserting and removing an SD/MMC card; this could damage the device
as well as the card. Also avoid direct skin contact with the contacts on the card to prevent
contact problems.
Please consider that you only have approx. 20 seconds to insert an SD/MMC memory card
into the insertion slot
unit has been removed for theft protection and will turn itself off. If that is the case, just insert
the operating unit again. Then the device will automatically turn on again.

16.2 Selecting SD/MMC as a program source

To play back audio tracks from an SD/MMC memory card, press the "MODE" button
"SD/MMC" as the data source.
Then the device will read the music tracks that can be reproduced from the memory card and
begins to play back the first track.
The program source "SD/MMC" can only be selected through the "MODE" button
an SD/MMC card in the card reader.
or remove it again. Otherwise the device will assume that the operating
to select
if there is

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents