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D/Z For The Settings Of The Second Playback Level (Dual Zone); Dvd Device Settings - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio
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21.7 D/Z for the settings of the second playback level (DUAL ZONE)

The device has a second playback level (dual zone). This makes it possible to address a
second playback medium. For example: listening to the radio on the front seats and watching a
DVD on the back seats (this requires a second monitor). Several combination options are
available here.
To activate the function, press the control dial
until menu level 2 is reached. The "LOC"
function will appear. Press the control dial
repeatedly until you get to the menu item "D/Z".
There you have the option of activating the function by turning the dial and setting the
corresponding playback source. Which playback source is available to you depends on which
storage media have been inserted or connected. Generally they are all available.
The setting is saved either when the desired value is confirmed by pressing the control dial
through automatic memory (don't change anything on the device for approx. five seconds). If
you confirm the selection by pressing the control dial
, you will return to the standard display. If
you use the automatic memory, the device will also return to the standard display.

22 DVD device settings

For the settings of the DVD drive, a separate menu is available to you. This can only be
reached when the CD/DVD mode is activated. The submenu "preferred settings" is only
available when the media playback has been stopped. When the monitor is open, you can
reach the DVD device settings through the SETUP button
To get to the desired menu or the desired menu option, please use the five-way multifunction
to navigate. With this button you can navigate upward and downward. If you press the
button to the right, you will reach the settings options of the menu item. If you press the button
to the left, you will return to the higher level item of the settings.