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Exiting The Settings; Factory Default Settings ("Reset") - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio
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If you have forgotten your changed password, you can set a new one at any time by entering
the factory default password 136900.

22.6 Exiting the settings

To exit the settings menu again, please navigate to the last item
in the bar on top. The menu item "exit menu" will appear. Press
the five-way multifunction button
You can also exit the menu at any time by pressing the
SETUP button

23 Factory default settings ("RESET")

By using the reset function, the device can be changed back to the factory default settings.
To use the reset function, please press the button REL
can be carefully detached towards the front and left. Now press the button
a thin, sharp object. The device will then be reset and turned off if required.
When the factory settings are restored, the clock and the stored radio stations will also be reset
or erased.
once to exit the menu.
on the device. Now the operating unit
on the device with


Table of Contents