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20.3 Changing the volume ratio (BALANCE)

After pressing the control dial
connected on the right and left can be reached (BALANCE).
The message "BAL" appears on the display along with the settings for the volume ratio between
the right and left speaker group (e.g. "BAL R2"). To change the ratio between the speakers, turn
the control dial
clockwise or counter-clockwise. Depending on the direction in which the
control dial is turned, an "R" (right speaker group) or an "L" (left speaker group) will appear on
the display, together with a digit (e.g. "R2" or "L4"). These provide information about the
direction in which the volume ratio is changed and about the amount of the change. The ratio
between the right and left speaker group can be set in a range between "8R" and "8L".
The volume ratio between the speakers changes according to the setting and the volume will
increase on one side according to this setting and decrease on the other side.
• If the ratio is set to "R-L", the volume on both speaker groups is the same.
• If the control dial is set to the maximum position of "8" on one of the two sides, the speaker
group on the opposite side will be muted. To change this, turn the control dial
The setting is saved either when the desired value is confirmed by pressing the control dial
through automatic storage (don't change anything on the device for approx. five seconds). If you
confirm the selection by pressing the control dial
you use the automatic memory, the device will return to the standard display.
three times, the settings for the ratio between the speakers
, you will reach the next possible setting. If

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents