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Preferred Settings - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio
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22.4 Preferred settings

Menu entry
TV format
Playback control
Audio language
This setting enables the selection of the appropriate TV standard. PAL is
the customary standard in Europe. NTSC is the customary standard in
the US and Japan. Only select the MULTI option if your TV can play back
both formats. Here the output signal is automatically adjusted to the
standard of the inserted DVD. If the "MULTI" setting is selected, "AUTO"
will be displayed to the left of the selection menu.
The playback control function serves to turn the playback control for VCD
and SVCD data carriers on and off. This function is also abbreviated as
This enables the selection of the desired dubbed language. If the
language selected here is not available on the inserted data carrier, the
first language that is found will be played back.